A Compilation Of All Airdrop/Retroactive Hunting Guide On zkSync - Layer 2 Ethereum

A Compilation Of All Airdrop/Retroactive Hunting Guide On zkSync - Layer 2 Ethereum

Recently, the crypto investor community has been highly excited by the news that less than a month away, zkSync 2.0 officially launched the mainnet with many outstanding improvements. This also comes with a lot of opportunities to receive airdrops from projects growing in this ecosystem. Let Holdstation seize this opportunity with the very simple instructions below!

What is zkSync?

The rapid development of the ecosystem on Ethereum has led to an urgent need to solve the problem of speed and transaction costs, especially during periods of active activity that make the network jam. Therefore, many layer2 such as zkSync, Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, ... with different technologies are developed to take on this role.

zkSync is considered outstanding in this layer 2 war when it simultaneously possesses two promising technologies: zkRollup + EVM = zkEVM. So what's so special about this?

  • zkRollup: Zero-knowledge rollup aggregates transactions and conducts off-chain validation. After that, a final proof result will be sent to the Ethereum main chain ⇒ Saves costs and reduces the load on the network by not having to send multiple times. It is conceivable that instead of one person ordering each item to be ordered and shipped separately, it is now aggregated to order and deliver only once. A step ahead of a similar solution - Optimism Rollup, instead of assuming the validity of transactions until proven otherwise, zkRollup uses proof-of-validation for immediate proof-of-concept transactions are valid or not ⇒ faster.
  • EVM: Ethereum virtual machine compatibility technology to ensure that the experience and application features on Layer 2 will not be too different from Layer1. Thanks to this, developers won't need to change their code or forego EVM (and smart contract) tools when building or migrating smart contracts to more scalable solutions. preserving the decentralization and security of Layer1 ⇒ benefiting both the end user and the project development team.

History and team behind zkSync

ZkRollups was created by Matter Labs organizations founded to improve Ethereum by Alexandr Vlasov and Alex Gluchowski in 2019. Matter Labs with the team started building the project. Then, they released the first version of zkSync called zkSync 1.0, in 2020.

  • zkSync 1.0: The history of zkSync started with zkSync 1.0 in 2020. This Ethereum scaling technology can do up to 3000 transactions per second (TPS). However, the need for more throughput as the network grows wider has resulted in a new release: zkSync 2 0.
  • zkSync 2.0: Coming to mainnet on October 28th, zkSync will be the first zk-Rollup to execute Ethereum-compatible smart contracts (EVM). Furthermore, with the development of zkPorter, a sharding solution, zkSync 2.0 can increase throughput from 3,000 tps (in version 1.1) to 20,000 tps.

Through various funding rounds, zkSync was invested more than $250 million by many large funds in the market such as a16z, Binance, Aave, Curve, Coinbase Ventures, and Consensys,...

The zkSync ecosystem is being developed and opened with nearly 150 projects in many different fields.

The zkSync token and the potential zkSync

Airdrops are not currently issued tokens. However, the company explicitly states on its tokenomics page that the zkSync token will be deployed in the future to stake and become a validator in the zkSync network. Users of the zkSync network can be rewarded with an airdrop, similar to the Optimism airdrop.

Some projects are in the testnet stage, so this is the time when everyone should seize the opportunity to have the opportunity to create more income.

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