Phezzan Testnet Guide - Airdrop Chance From The First zkSync Derivative Platform

Phezzan Testnet Guide - Airdrop Chance From The First zkSync Derivative Platform


Phezzan Protocol is a derivatives trading platform that uses retail liquidity model into Orderbook to optimize capital efficiency and increase user experience.

Phezzan optimizes liquidity by using a multi-asset collateral mechanism, LP tokens can be used as collateral while receiving rewards from Traders' platform fees and PnL.

Besides, because it is built on Zksync, the speed and transaction costs will be faster and cheaper creating the best experience for Traders.

Testnet Guide

This Testnet uses the zkSync network, so switch to it on Metamask. If you haven't added a zkSync network, go to

Select Testnet and Connect a Wallet with the name "zkSync alpha testnet". Then select "Add to MetaMask" and confirm adding the network on the wallet. Steps to participate.

Step by Step

Step 1: Get Faucet

For wallets without Zksync 2.0 Goerli ETH as gas, go to

Get Faucet

Connect the wallet to the website, select the faucet section. Next select 'Request Funds from Faucet'. You will be redirected to Twitter, Tweet information is already available. The wallet will immediately receive 0.002E to use as gas in the testnet.

Post a tweet to get your Faucet

Step 2: Visit Phezzan Protocol website and deposit assets.

Platform Interface

After accessing, click on Deposit USDC or ETH to receive the testnet of each corresponding token.

Get ETH and USDC Faucet Token

After you confirm in the wallet, the Tokens will be claimed and can be used to Deposit into the Pool.

Approve and Confirm in your wallet to Deposit your Token 

Step 3: After the deposit is complete you can try leveraged trading of the platform.

What a Friendly Interface!

As here, I will try a Short order with Size 40% (400$/1000$) deposited above.

Position Dashboard

After the command is complete, you can track your command information in the Dashboard below the interface.


After using it, I feel that this is a very easy to use derivatives trading platform with a user-friendly interface. However, there are quite a few minus points that there is no adjustment of leverage, placing limit orders, take profit, stoploss, ....

You can use it through the platform to have a chance to receive Airdrop, Retroactive in the future by other methods. deposit/withdrawal method, trade (try to have large volume), provide liquidity, and if so, leave Feedback to the project team at Discord.

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