Trustless Testnet Guide - Airdrop Opportunity From Currency Platform On zkSync

Trustless Testnet Guide - Airdrop Opportunity From Currency Platform On zkSync


Trustless Currency Protocol allows users to borrow Hue - Stablecoin backed by ETH issued by the platform. Users stake ETH and borrow Hue. TCP is typically distributed to direct contributors, and any administrative rights automatically expire one year after launch. In addition, TCP also has plans for a Trustless Dao to coordinate Trustless protocols.

The platform has confirmed to have an airdrop for users to experience soon, so hurry up and join with just a few simple steps below to not miss this opportunity.

Holdtstation will update the detailed analysis, so please follow it often so you don't miss it!

Instructions to join Testnet

Step 1: First of all, you need Faucet tokens from zkSync Portal to use as a gas fee (this token can be used for other testnet projects on zkSync, so prepare in advance).

  • Click on "Request Funds from Faucet" and proceed to "Tweet".
  • You will receive an amount of tokens and be ready for the next journey.

Step 2: Get Faucet from the project

  • Join Discord Trustless HERE and paste the wallet address in "Faucet". You will receive 10 TruETH.

Step 3: Experience the platform features.

  • Position - Enter a collateral amount of TruETH and a Hue amount to borrow. This Hue will also help you with the next activities.
  • Stake - After borrowing Hue, you can stake them

Step 4: Submit proof of testnet participation and feedback. This step is important, so please complete it.

  • Go to the "Stats" section to take a screenshot of the displayed data recording the results of the actions you have taken and retweet the post through the link in the lower right corner of the screen or HERE.
  • Submit proof to Discord including Stats data image + link to your retweet post + comment on the platform. (Note: Submit in full to meet the requirements).

That's it. Holdstation wishes you luck to receive the airdrop!

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