Tevaera Testnet Guide - Airdrop Chance From A Metaverse GameFi On zkSync

Tevaera Testnet Guide - Airdrop Chance From A Metaverse GameFi On zkSync


Tevaera is the first decentralized game development metaverse platform on zkSync, where players can experience, build, monetize and manage digital islands. The project offers a wide range of arcade games on the platform, while allowing participants to trade dynamic NFTs on the TevaBazaar marketplace.

The main token of the system is $TEVA, used as the operating token for the entire blockchain.

This Tevaera project on zkSync is still in the testnet stage, so users can join early to receive priority.

Instructions to add zkSync network to the wallet

This testnet uses the zkSync network, so switch to it on Metamask.

If you haven't added the zkSync network yet, go to . Select Testnet & Connect Wallet with the name “zkSync alpha testnet”. Then select “Add to MetaMask” and confirm add network on wallet.

Steps to join testnet

Step 1: Get Faucet

For wallets without Zksync 2.0 Goerli ETH as gas, visit

Connect the wallet to the website, select the faucet section. Next select 'Request Funds from Faucet'. You will be redirected to Twitter, Tweet information is already available. The wallet will immediately receive 0.25E used as gas in the testnet.

Step 2: Create an account

Go to Then select “Log In”.

Select “Continue With Ethereum”, and confirm the wallet.

Next, select “Continue to Get Citizen ID”.

Then connect the MetaMask wallet and confirm the wallet connection.

Next select “Mint Citizen ID”, confirm on MetaMask

At this point, you have successfully created an account. The next step will be the naming and testing instructions.

Step 3: Interact with the project

Name the character, then 'Save'. Once the name is accepted, select 'Play the game now!'

Select 'play now' to start playing the game, you can learn about the interactive buttons in the 'Controls' section.

Interface in the game:

This is the information about the benefits users can get from playing games:

Note: The maximum number of Karma points you can earn on Testnet is 1000.

Final thoughts

According to Holdstation's assessment, this demo game mechanism is quite attractive. So if you like, you can spend time playing the game in this testnet, from there being officially selected to receive future rewards.

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