Instructions for Registering Domain Names From Aptos Testnet

Instructions for Registering Domain Names From Aptos Testnet

In the past, name service was one of the scorching services on platforms from Ethereum with .eth domain name, Binance Smart Chain with .bnb domain name, and more recently, Aptos Name Service with .aptos domain name is running and attracting the community to participate with the expectation of receiving the same airdrop as domain holders of previous platforms (Potential of SpaceID).

Instructions to register domain names on Aptos testnet

Step 1: Create Aptos Martian Wallet (instructions to create a wallet here)

Step 2: Go to

The main page of Aptos Name Service

Step 3: Find the name you want and click buy it (has at least 20,000 APT for a gas fee)

The domain holdstatios.aptos

Step 4: Join the Aptos Name Service discord and verify your account

Discord of Aptos Name Service

Step 5: Access the Aptos Name collection in Topaz and connect the wallet to list domain names


The early role is currently closed, but the community can still test Aptos Name Service daily. However, the entire domain name will be reset every Thursday night, so the community should pay attention to avoid panic when your domain name is lost.

(Read more about Aptos)

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