Finding 'Gems' On Berachain- Any Potential For A Meme Chain?

Finding 'Gems' On Berachain- Any Potential For A Meme Chain?

Recently, the market is heating up with the attraction of meme chains, typically after the success of Dogechain launched in August. Currently, Bera Chain, a layer 1 meme chain is also creating a lot of attention in communication and building an independent ecosystem.

The projects on Bera Chain are in the process of being completed, so it is possible to join early for later priorities.

Holdstation introduced Berachain before. This article will list a few 'gems' growing on this chain.

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Gumball Protocol

Twitter: @GumBallProtocol


Gumball Protocol is a Defi protocol that creates liquidity for NFT, allowing users to buy, sell or stake tokens right on Berachain instantly. This project aims to take advantage of the liquidity available in the chain while creating an open ecosystem for NFTs. Users can quickly generate NFTs on the platform while also benefiting from the corresponding transaction fees received.


Twitter: @CrocSwap


CrocSwap is a faster, cheaper, and simpler DEX and supports centralized liquidity. These solutions are consolidated in the application with a single contract, helping users to perform a series of operations to manage multiple pools, thereby reducing gas costs.

dAMM Finance

Twitter: @dammfinance

dAMM is a decentralized lending platform with algorithmically determined interest rates for any token. It allows users to lend directly to exchanges or higher institutions (CEX, DEX, etc.)

Tokens can also be staked to receive additional revenue from the protocol.

Honeypot Finance

Twitter: @honeypotfinance

Honeypot Finance is Berachain's first decentralized exchange. This project is about to be launched soon.


Twitter: @hiberanation


Hiberanation is an auto compound platform in the Bera Chain ecosystem - the feature of automatically staked interest to continue to receive compound interest from the profit earned.


Twitter: @BeraCreek


BeraCreek is a money market protocol built specifically for Berachain.


Twitter: @Beranouns


Beranouns is a name service for BeraChain similar to SpaceID on BSC or ENS on Ethereum blockchain. Users can check out the pretty cool name samples on this project's Twitter account, revealing that name registration will begin soon.

Grizzli Finance

Twitter: @Grizzli_Finance


Grizzli Finance is a non-custodial stable swap of the Bera Chain platform. Users can easily swap stablecoins like USDC, DAI, etc.

It can be seen that the ecosystem on Berachain is gradually being completed with the above projects, but many projects have just been introduced with promises. 'Coming Soon.'

In addition, Bera Chain still has a few other names, but there is not much information to gather. Holdstation will note and update more soon.

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