WalletConnect Raises $12.5 Million To Expand The Ecosystem

WalletConnect Raises $12.5 Million To Expand The Ecosystem

What Is WalletConnect?

WalletConnect is a decentralized Web3 communications layer and standard for connecting blockchain wallets to decentralized applications (dapps). WalletConnect's objective is to continue to enhance Web3 interoperability by offering the most incredible technology and infrastructure for Wallets to create an exceptional user experience. WalletConnect v2 is chain agnostic and designed to function with any blockchain of the user's choosing.

WalletConnect's "Ecosystem Round"

WalletConnect has raised $12.5 million in an "ecosystem round" from previous lead investors such as Shopify, Coinbase Ventures, ConsenSys, Circle Ventures, Polygon, Uniswap Labs Ventures, Union Square Ventures, 1kx, and some prominent angel investors such as Hayden Adams, the inventor of the Uniswap protocol and CEO of Uniswap Labs, Makoto Inoue, developer at ENS Labs, Ryan Selkis, founder and CEO of Messari.

This round included a diverse set of strategic partners from web2 and web3, many features of blockchain technology, and various parts of the world. This deliberate strategy represents our desire to bring multiple players together in developing the future WalletConnect Network, a decentralized communications network based on the WalletConnect protocol.

WalletConnect Super-App

In order to turn WalletConnect into a "super-application", WalletConnect has achieved many milestones since its launch.

"What we see today with wallets is that you are able to store tokens, send tokens, swap tokens and interact with DeFi - but soon we will see a reality where the user has full control over their internet assets through a single application," said founder and WalletConnect CEO Pedro Gomes
Founder and WalletConnect CEO

The Features of WalletConnect

WalletConnect provides four essential components and accompanying SDKs:

  • Sign: a remote signer protocol to communicate securely between web3 wallets and dapps
  • Auth: an authentication technique to login wallet users into online applications
  • Chat: a direct messaging system that will allow wallets to communicate with one another
  • Push: a push notification protocol that allows apps to alert users of both off-chain and on-chain events

WalletConnect increases wallet-to-dapp connectivity in the web3 ecosystem. For dapps, WalletConnect can smoothly incorporate support for more than 150+ crypto wallets without any trouble. Wallets can simply integrate WalletConnect with JavaScript, Swift, or Kotlin SDK's.


After getting fundraising from the investor, WalletConnect has a fund to grow its ecosystem, especially developing a decentralized communication network system. For example, a user could use Holdstation Wallet to chat with others who use other wallets in the near future. Besides that, WalletConnect provides the user convenience while connecting the wallet to dapps, chatting with other wallet owners, and receiving notifications of both off-chain and on-chain. Therefore, WalletConnect will continue to gain user day by day.

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