ZetaChain Testnet - Guide to Join Airdrop On This Omni-chain Layer1

ZetaChain Testnet - Guide to Join Airdrop On This Omni-chain Layer1

ZetaChain is a Layer1 omnichain smart contract platform that connects all blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, BNB (BSC) and even non-smart contract blockchains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin without using a bridge or wrapped tokens .

Currently, ZetaChain is launching a testnet campaign and users have a chance to receive an airdrop in the future. Let's fight with Holdstation right away with just a few simple steps guided below!

ZetaChain tesnet tutorial

Step 1: Add Polygon Mainnet and Goerli ETH to MetaMask wallet

  • Go to Chainlist.org and connect the MetaMask wallet. Then select "Add to MetaMask" Polygon Mainnet.
  • Open the MetaMask wallet and click "Add Network". Select Show/Hide test networks and then turn ON to display the Goerli Testnet network and proceed to connect.

Step 2: Join Zeta Campaign on Galxe HERE . Switch to the Polygon network.

  • Follow @Zetablockchain on Twitter, your twitter account must have been created more than 1 month ago. Then select "Verify".
  • Join Discord Zeta - select "Join now" then press "Verify".
  • After meeting all two conditions, proceed to Claim.

Step 3: Switch to Goerli Testnet and get Faucet GoerliETH HERE . Paste the wallet address and select "Send me RTH".

Step 4: Visit Zeta page HERE to proceed with SWAP (Goerli Tesnet Network).

  • Connect wallet and get Faucet. Only get 1 time per day.
  • Swap . Swap from: Chain Goerli/gETH, Receive: Chain BSC Testnet/Zeta

Step 4: After completing the Swap. Visit Galxe HERE to Claim OAT.

Step 5: After Claim 2 OAT, go to ZetaLabs Guild HERE to check you have 2 roles confirmed.

Step 6: Access the project Discord HERE and go to the Tesnet-feedback channel to paste the wallet address & Feedback.

  • Also check to make sure you already own 2 roles - Zeta Supporter & Zeta User.

Also, you can get extra bonus points by inviting friends through the link

That's DONE! Holdstation wishes you luck to receive a "huge" airdrop from Zetachain.

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