Vitalik Buterin Offers Stealth Address To Privatize NFT Ownership

Vitalik Buterin Offers Stealth Address To Privatize NFT Ownership

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, has suggested a potential method to conceal the ownership of a certain NFT by developing stealth addresses. Vitalik also thinks this is a light-weight solution than other alternative methods for private NFTs ownership.

On August 8, Vitalik tweeted that stealth addresses would be a much softer solution to individual ownership for a certain NFT. The tweet, in response to another post regarding the use of NFT ownership privatization methods by using Merkle trees or zk-SNARKs. The Ethereum founder also suggested the possibility of generalizing the scheme to smart contract wallets.

“Idea: stealth addresses for ERC721s

A low-tech approach to add a significant amount of privacy to the NFT ecosystem.

So you would be able to eg. send an NFT to vitalik.eth without anyone except me (the new owner) being able to see who the new owner is”.

Vitalik has emphasized that there would be challenges in finding a way to pay the fee for this issue. One solution the Ethereum founder thought was to “sending enough ETH to pay fees 5-50 times to send it further”, Vitalik said.

Vitalik also tweeted that this is a low-tech approach for common users and will give the NFT ecosystem more privacy. This is an idea with a lot of potential for the NFT market and the market will soon embrace this brand new feature in the near term.

Source: Binance, Twitter, etheresear

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