Tortuga Finance Testnet Tutorial - Liquid Staking On Aptos

Tortuga Finance Testnet Tutorial - Liquid Staking On Aptos

Tortuga Finance Overview

Tortuga Finance is a platform, a liquid staking protocol that does not lock users' fund, and Tortuga is built on the Aptos chain.

When users stake at the Tortuga Finance platform, user assets will be distributed among the most reputable validators. From there, users can maximize their profits without having to choose any specific validator.

Tortuga testnet tutorial and retroactive oppoturnity

Today, September 21, Tortuga Finance has just announced the launch of the devnet phase of the platform. Users can now visit the official website of Tortuga Finance to experience the main feature of the project which is staking. The following are detailed instructions on how to participate in the Tortuga Finance testnet.

Step 1:

Visit Tortuga Finance's official website, then click on 'ENTER APP' to access the platform's staking application.

Step 2:

The user then clicks on the 'CONNECT WALLET' section connect the wallet. Currently Tortuga Finance only supports wallets belonging to the Aptos ecosystem such as Martian wallet, Pontem wallet, Petra wallet and Fewcha wallet.

4 current supported wallets
4 current supported wallets 

In this article, the writer uses the Martian wallet, so the writer will choose the Martian wallet to connect to the platform. Then the wallet will display a pop-up notification, then select 'Approve' to complete the connection.

To be able to perform testnet, users need to prepare some $APT in their wallet to use as gas fees as well as staking. User can click on 'Airdrop' in Martian wallet to get test $APT to wallet.

Step 3:

After successfully connecting the wallet and preparing a test amount of $APT in the wallet. Next the user clicks on 'Get tAPT' and selects the amount of $APT test that the user wants to stake.

Users continue to click on 'CONTINUE' as shown below.

Select the amount of $APT you want to stake, here the writer will choose to stake all the $APT he owns. Next, click 'CONTINUE' to go to the next step.

Step 4:

To unstake $APT, the user clicks on the 'Unstake your tAPT' section. Select the amount of $APT you want to unstake and click 'CONTINUE'.

After clicking 'CONTINUE', in the next step the user will have two options to unstake namely:

  • Unstake Instantly: Users can withdraw their previously staked $APT immediately but it will cost 0.3% unstake fee.
  • Unstake in ~2 days: Users will have to wait about 2 days for the unstake process to complete and of course will not cost any fees.

The writer wants to unstake immediately so the writer will choose the first option 'Unstake Instantly' and it will cost a small fee to unstake. Continue to select 'CONFIRM'.

Click on 'Approve' to complete the unstake progress
Click on 'Approve' to complete the unstake progress

Step 5:

Users should perform continuous staking and unstaking operations as well as reviewing the UI and UX to find as many bugs as possible on the Tortuga Finance platform. After discovering any errors, from basic to complex, users can join the project's Discord at the following link. Then choose the #feedback channel to report bugs as well as send feedback about your experience to the project team for a chance to receive an airdrop from the project later.

#feedback channel in Tortuga's Discord server
#feedback channel in Tortuga's Discord server


Thanks to the long-term advantages, where consumers can earn a significant retroactive from that project if the project releases its token, the early experience of projects and products of the Aptos ecosystem is increasingly becoming hotter than ever. Since then, a lot of regular users and "airdrop hunters" have expressed interest in trying out the projects within the Aptos ecosystem. When users receive the airdrop later and the project is improved as a result of user input, this can be seen as a win-win result. Tortuga Finance is still in the game thanks to its comprehensive and well-rounded product suite, which includes applications and a well-designed website. Holdstation believes Tortuga Finance will be a Ditto-compatible competitor in building a liquid staking project that optimizes profits for users on this ecosystem.

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