Souffl3 Testnet Instruction - NFT Marketplace On Aptos

Souffl3 Testnet Instruction - NFT Marketplace On Aptos

Souffl3 is a new NFT marketplace on Aptos. Currently, the project is in the testnet process. The unique thing about Souffl3 is not from the UI or the project's features but from the way the project interacts with the testnet participants.

In the role of a baker, each testnet participant will participate in baking the best cakes using NFT ingredients. Each of these NFTs can be obtained randomly with the exchange of bonus points for participating in project-related activities.

Let's find out with Holdstation the enjoyable process when participating in Souffl3's test net below.

Souffl3 Bake Off Baking Contest Main


Randomly receive NFT ingredients -> Claim NFT ingredients -> Collect 5 NFTs of suitable ingredients to bake into Soufflé3 and enter the draw for a random prize.

Detailed instructions

Step 1: Connect Martian wallet to Souffl3's task page

Step 2: Complete one-time tasks and daily tasks according to the website's instructions.

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Step 3: use points to Get COLLECTS - you will see the number of COLLECT Ingredients increase with each change.

Step 4: COLLECT Ingredients to get random ingredients

Step 5: If you have enough materials, click Claim to receive these NFTs in your wallet.

Step 6: After receiving all five ingredients, the Bake button will appear.

You can now click for a chance to get a random project whitelist, OG Discord, or if you're unlucky, just a handful of other ingredients.


Above is a guide to participating in the Bake Off contest of the Souffl3 project on Aptos Blockchain. Wish you luck 'Baking' more delicious cakes. Holdstation will continuously update and notify about the project's Retroactive phase or other potential programs, if any.

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