Pontem Network Testnet Tutorial - Aptos's AMM DEX

Pontem Network Testnet Tutorial - Aptos's AMM DEX

Pontem Network Overview

Pontem is a product development studio working towards global financial inclusion with the application of blockchain technology. Pontem is also a studio that cooperate with Aptos to develop and build dApps and infrastructures for the Aptos ecosystem and on the Move language.

Pontem Network's products include tools for developers, Move source code, EVM, AMM, Pontem Wallet, etc. Move IntelliJ IDE and Move Playground are just the beginning.

Backers of Pontem Network

Pontem Network testnet tutorial and retroactive opportunity

At the moment, users can experience the main product of Pontem Network which is the decentralized exchange platform, Liquidswap DEX. The following are the steps to guide how to testnet on this DEX.

Step 1:

Users need to access Pontem Network's official website, then users click on 'LIQUIDSWAP' to access Pontem's DEX. After entering the Liquidswap DEX, users then continue to click on the 'LAUNCH APP' section.

Step 2:

Users need Pontem Wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet developed by Pontem Network. Users can download Pontem Wallet at the following link.

Step 3:

After successfully installing Pontem Wallet, the user next clicks on 'Connect Wallet' section to connect the wallet to the platform. Liquidswap DEX requires users to use only Pontem Wallet to be able to connect to the platform.

Step 4:

In order to start the testnet, users need some test coins/tokens. First, users need to click on 'Request Coins' section to receive test coins/tokens so that users can start experiencing the features of Liquidswap DEX. The platform will ask for some gas fee, so users need to prepare some gas fee in their wallet by clicking 'Faucet' in Pontem wallet.

Step 5:

Users click on the two sections 'Request BTC' and 'Request USDT' to be able to receive both these test coins from the platform. Then the wallet window will pop up and users need to click on 'Confirm' section to get the test coin into the wallet.

Step 6:

After receiving the test coins, users can proceed to experience features such as Swap, Create Pool, Burn,... The writer will experience the Swap feature of Liquidswap DEX. I to swap from BTC to APTOS, so i need to click on 'Swap BTC to APTOS' to conduct the swap. Next, a window will pop up and users need to click on 'Confirm Swap' section to confirm the transaction.

Transaction Successful

Step 7:

Users should test all different features of Liquidswap DEX like Create Pool, Burn, Pool, Stats with different coins/token to maximize the possibility of finding bugs, including UI/UX bugs. Users can report bugs they find on the #product-feedback channel at Pontem Network's Discord.


The Pontem Network project is a potential project that cooperate with the Aptos ecosystem to build and develop foundational and infrastructure dApps for Aptos. Pontem Network has a wide range of products, is the leading project in the development of Move EM technology, Pontem's dApps are fully and well developed, as well as having a relatively beautiful and eye-catching user interface for the majority of newbies. . Pontem Network with the help of Aptos itself along with large investment funds, Holdstation predicts Pontem Network can become the leading project in the Aptos ecosystem. If Pontem Network launches its own native token, early users of Pontem products may have a chance to receive retroactive/airdrop from the project.

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