Instruction For Registering .bnb Domain On Space ID

Instruction For Registering .bnb Domain On Space ID

Identity on Web3 is an extremely hot topic with the participation of many parties from across different ecosystems. Space ID is also not outside this scorching field.
Not only stopping at the identifier, this is also an investment opportunity, you can refer to in the previous article of Holdstation. In the past, the .eth domain name service - Ethereum Name Service has airdropped massively to users who adopted these domains early on. Recently, .bnb domain owners have also been redistributed profits by Space ID in the form of BNB and there may be a potential airdrop in the future.

On September 15, Space ID officially opened public registration for the .bnb domain name, so do you already own a domain name? Here are detailed instructions.

Step 1: Connect the wallet

Access Space ID, switch network to BSC and connect wallet to platform.

Step 2: Choose the domain name you want to register

Enter the domain name you want to register in the box in the middle of the screen and press "Search". Space ID's domain name includes many languages, numbers, symbols and emojis🔥. Note that domain names will not have uppercase letters, spaces and some language combinations will not work.

If the domain name you want to register is already registered by someone else, it will show "Unavailable" status, click "View" to see the owner and registration expiration time. For example, the domain name nambit.bnb here is already registered.

If the domain name is not registered, the status will show "Available", and you can click "Register" to proceed with the registration.

*Like here, since I'm a numerophile, I'll buy the Belphegor Prime, starting and ending with 1, 666 sandwiched between 13 zeros on each side.

Step 3: Choose the registration period and cost estimate

You can choose the domain name registration term in the box marked in the image above, the minimum registration period is 1 year, however you can register for an odd period like 1,2 years, 1.5 year by adding a "," in the middle. The price is respectively: 5 USD for domain names with 5 characters or more, 160 USD for 4-character domain names and 650 USD for 3-character domain names. Behind the "=" sign is the fee to register for the time you want, the "Estimated Total" section shows the estimated total amount to register the domain name including gas fees (actually it will be lower).

Click "Request", a transaction will appear, accept the transaction to commit to the options above (this transaction fee will not be high). Wait a moment for the transaction to complete, and the interface will change to the one below.

Step 4: Complete the registration

Click "Register", another transaction will appear, double check the amount matches the domain registration amount and approve to complete.

After the transaction is completed, the interface will appear the message "Registration completed" as shown below.

You can click "Manage Profile", here will list all the domains you own, and you can easily manage, renew, transfer domain ownership to another wallet address at this.

In addition, existing domains are available for sale on platforms such as Binance NFT, ToFu NFT, and Element.
Wish you successful registration and own the domain name you love.

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