Instructions To Create Domain Name

Instructions To Create Domain Name

Overview of is a service that resolves Space ID .bnb domain records. acts as a connection between Web3 domains and Web2 domains in a decentralized way, making it easy for .bnb domain owners to access from any web browser. Readers can refer to the article below for a better overview of

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How to create domain

Step 1:

Users access the homepage of at the following link. Next, users click on the 'Get Started' section.

Step 2:

Users click on the 'Connect Wallet' section to connect the wallet to the website. Specifically the MetaMask wallet. Users need to connect to the wallet holding .bnb domains.

This is the website's interface after successful wallet connection. .bnb domains will be displayed for users to select.

Step 3:

Users then choose the domain name that they want to register and create a website. In this article, the writer will choose the .bnb domain name as shown below to create a website.

Next, users need to choose a template for the website. Currently, has two templates available:

  • Profile: This template is used to display the user's personal profile as well as social network links
  • Sale: This template is a 'This domain is for sale' landing page, users can add information about the NFT Marketplace that the domain name is listed on and write a description for their domain name.

In this article, the writer will choose the template 'Sale'. Next, users can customize the template such as choosing colors, writing a description, choosing NFT Marketplace.

After customizing the website they want to create, users click on 'Next' to go to the next step.

Step 4:

In the final stage of 'Deploy', the website is being built into files and automatically uploaded to the IPFS network. Users need to wait for the completion of two processes 'Compile' and 'IPFS'.

After the website is uploaded to the IPFS network, a CID will be displayed as shown above, which means that from now on, users can browse the content from the IPFS network using this CID.

In this third stage 'Resolver', the platform checks if user's selected domain is using an IPFS network-compatible resolver so the platform can deploy the IPFS CID on-chain . In this case, users need to change the resolver of the chosen domain first, click on the 'Change Resolver' section.

The wallet pop-up window appears and users click on the 'Confirm' section to complete the process.

Step 5:

Users need to click on 'Activate' section to set the IPFS CID for user's domain on the resolver.

The wallet pop-up window appears and users click on the 'Confirm' section to complete the activation process.

Once the transaction is completed, the website has been successfully created and is accessible at

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