How to Get Airdrop for BAB Holders

How to Get Airdrop for BAB Holders

Binance has launched the Binance Account Bound token, and it is time for more airdrop events for users to participate in. The most prominent is the free mint NFT from Binance Name Service (BNS) and the $500 whitelist from READEM. Instructions on how to create a BAB token are here.

Instructions for free mint NFT from Binance Name Service

Step 1: Go to Quest3 to join

Home page to participate in give away

Step 2: Sign in with Twitter

Wallets and social networks that support sign in

Step 3: Follow, retweet BNS on Twitter, join discord and telegram of BNS

Step 4: After completing, need to verify all steps to receive NFT

Verified steps

Step 5: Get NFT to your wallet

Get free NFT reward

Instructions to participate in READEM's whitelist lottery

Step 1: Access Quest3 to participate (closed at 3 pm on September 23)

Home page to join whitelist

Step 2: Sign in with Twitter

Step 3: Follow, retweet READEM on Twitter and join READEM discord

Step 4: After completing, you need to verify all the steps to participate in the whitelist lottery

Confirm participation in whitelist lottery


Above are two projects being airdropped for BAB holders with very simple rules. It is expected that there will continue to be quality airdrops for BAB holders with attractive rewards during the downtrend market. READEM is a read-to-earn project by receiving tokens for reading and combines gamefi with socialfi.

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