Guide To Join Quai Network Social Media Rewards Program To Receive Airdrop $QUAI

Guide To Join Quai Network Social Media Rewards Program To Receive Airdrop $QUAI

Quai Network is a Layer 1 network of blockchains that utilized merged mining to achieve high throughput without sacrificing decentralization. By implementing a variety of changes to the traditional Proof-of-Work mechanism, Quai Network is creating Proof-of-Work 2.0 to drive continued blockchain innovation.

To better understand QUAI Network, you can read the following analysis: What is QUAI Network? PoW 2.0 Blockchain Potential Analysis

Invested by Polychain Capital and Alumni Ventures, QUAI Network has confirmed the airdrop of $QUAI tokens through an ongoing event. Join Holdstation with just a few simple steps below!

Detailed Guide

Overview of this campaign to promote the social interaction of QUAI Network, so you will perform tasks related to platforms: Discord, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram.

Each completed task you will receive the corresponding amount of $QUAI (claimed after Quai Network mainnet) and you can track the number of rewards received at the QUAI Network Dashboard HERE (Twitter/Discord connection).


Step 1: Joim Discord HERE

Step 2: Answer 10 questions (answers in the image below) to claim the #Citizens role (usually the Discord role will bring some benefits to the user).

  • Access channel #getcitizenrole to answer the quiz.

Twitter Rewards

Following @QuaiNetwork on Twitter — Required to view rewards from any platform & 5 $QUAI

Following additional Quai team accounts on Twitter — 5 $QUAI per follow

Replying to a @QuaiNetwork Tweet (up to 2 a day, until a post reaches 7 days old) — 1 $QUAI

Liking and Retweeting a @QuaiNetwork Tweet (up to 2 a day, until a post reaches 7 days old) — 1 $QUAI

Making a standalone Tweet mentioning @QuaiNetwork and using #QuaiNetwork (up to 2 a day) — 5 $QUAI

Once done, access QuaiNetwork Dashboard and proceed to connect Twitter and Discord to check.

Besides, the remaining social networking platforms have not yet implemented it, but below is a set of requirements you can make first and verify after the next announcement.

YouTube Rewards

Subscribing to Quai Network on YouTube — 5 $QUAI

Liking and Commenting on a Quai Network YouTube Video (up to 2 per post) — 1 $QUAI

Note: In order to receive YouTube rewards, the user profile and activity data must be public.

Reddit Rewards

Making a unique post in r/QuaiNetwork (up to 2 a day) — 5 $QUAI

Making a post about Quai Network in another crypto-related Subreddit (up to 2 a day) — 5 $QUAI

Note: In order to post on the Quai Network Subreddit, the account must be more than 15 days old and have more than 50 post/comment karma, and the post must be approved by our team. Even if an account meets the karma requirements, the post still must be approved to earn rewards.

TikTok Rewards

Following the Quai Network TikTok — 5 $QUAI (and required to view TikTok rewards)

Liking and commenting on a Quai Network TikTok (until a video reaches 7 days old) — 2 $QUAI

Following additional Quai team members on TikTok — 5 $QUAI per follow

Instagram Rewards

Following @QuaiNetwork on Instagram — 5 $QUAI

Liking a Quai Network Instagram post (up to 2 a day, until a post reaches 7 days old) — 1 $QUAI

Commenting on a Quai Network Instagram post (up to 2 per post, until a post reaches 7 days old) — 1 $QUAI

Following additional Quai team members on Instagram — 5 $QUAI per follow

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