Guide To Airdrop Tsunami Finance - The Aptos's Pioneer DEX

Guide To Airdrop Tsunami Finance - The Aptos's Pioneer DEX

On November 24, Tsunami Finance released an official announcement about the project's governance token launch plan, $NAMI. It is expected that this token will play an important role in the ecosystem, with it being used for voting decisions, staking to receive rewards or paying fees for activities that provide liquidity.

Tweet about the project's NAMI token

This is the main basis for users to look forward to the project's airdrop plan, which has been announced 'hidden' in the past days, followed by a series of related activities to entice users to try the testnet.

Will this project revive the Aptos ecosystem, after the recent bear market?

Tsunami Finance Overview

Tsunami Finance is a pioneer decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Aptos Blockchain.

For users, the project offers a trading method with 0% slippage, pre-calculated exit liquidity, and low funding fees.

For liquidity providers, Tsunami aims to generate better returns and less risk than current AMMs.

Tsunami Finance's Advantages

Tsunami Finance aims to protect liquidity providers at all times. At this platform, liquidity providers can earn profits from Real Yield, while avoiding trading risks with the 'basket of tokens' algorithm specially developed for Tsunami Finance's liquidity pool.

Using Oracle price, the slippage of this DEX is 0%. Therefore, users who trade on the platform with large trading volume will not be severely affected by slippage due to lack of liquidity.

Learn more about Tsunami Finance - Margin DEX Pioneer on Aptos

Potential of Tsunami's Airdrop Program

On November 29, Tsunami also launched the Tsunami Testnet Odyssey program which includes a series of testnet execution tasks that allow testers to receive the next role of the project (big wave) early, and NFT, this will most likely be the standard for the $NAMI token airdrop in the near future.

Tweet announcing the Tsunami Finance Project Odyssey Testnet

Airdrop implementation details

To interact with the project, you need to use wallets compatible with the Aptos system, such as Martian, Petra, Pontem, Rise or Fewcha. In this article, Holdstation will use the Martian wallet. You can install Martian wallet on Chrome browser here

Step 1: Get Faucet from the project


Connect the Martian wallet to the website, transfer the wallet to the testnet

Approval process to connect to Tsunami and move to Testnet on Martian wallet

If your testnet wallet balance is zero, it means that you have not signed up for the Aptos testnet. Please click on the Airdrop button to receive APT testnet tokens and use them as gas fee.

And if the wallet balance is greater than 1, you can ignore the picture below.

Get APT testnet token to make gas

Once you have the testnet token, go here to receive the Faucet Tsunami, then post a Tweet to mint the Faucet Tsunami token.

Click on each box, mint all tokens (note: when you click on the button to mint 1 token, all other buttons will load, wait until this icon runs out and do it again with all tokens to get all the faucets)

Get Faucet of tokens

Step 2: interact on Tsunami


Go to Tsunami Finance and trade 10 times on any token, the condition is to create a total trading volume after 10 swaps equivalent to 50,000 USD.

Your progress can be checked at the anchor icon in the upper right corner of the project website

Provide liquidity

In the Pool section -> select provide liquidity with any token, repeat this operation 10 times

Withdrawal of liquidity

Also in the Pool section -> Enter the number of TLP tokens you want to withdraw -> select Withdraw Liquidity, repeat this operation 5 times

Step 4: Check the operations and enter the Discord information

Join the project's Discord here .

Check your completed actions, then enter your Discord account name in the box above. This will be the basis for you to receive 'Big Wave' role on the project's Discord.

You are required to join the project's Discord to receive the role, as a premise for the Airdrop later.


Above is a guide on how to receive Airdrop in the future for Tsunami Finance. Wish you success in receiving the airdrop in the near future.

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