DOMANI Testnet Guide - Airdrop Chance From An Asset Management Protocol On zkSync

DOMANI Testnet Guide - Airdrop Chance From An Asset Management Protocol On zkSync


DOMANI is an asset management protocol that allows anyone to mint, trade, redeem and provide liquidity on an oracle-less custodial (XTF) tokenized Fund.

This DOMANI project on zkSync is still in the testnet stage, so users can join early to receive benefits.

Instructions to add zkSync network to the wallet

This testnet uses the zkSync network, so switch to it on Metamask.

If the zkSync network has not been added, visit Select Testnet & Connect Wallet with the name “zkSync alpha testnet”. Then select “Add to MetaMask” and confirm add network on the wallet.

Steps to join testnet

Step 1: Get Faucet

For wallets without Zksync 2.0 Goerli ETH as gas, visit

Connect the wallet to the website, select Faucet. Next select 'Request Funds from Faucet'. You will be redirected to Twitter, Tweet the content that is already available. You will immediately receive 0.25 testnet ETH in your wallet used as gas in the testnet.

Step 2: Get the project's Faucet

Go to , select 'CONNECT METAMASK'. Connect the Metamask wallet to the website and confirm the connection on the wallet.

Select 'Faucet', then click 'Tweet' to tweet the article.

You will be redirected to Twitter to make a Faucet Tweet.

Step 3: Interact with the project

  • Select 'Module'.
  • Select 'Add module'.
  • Switch to the 'Asset' section, hover over each token you will see a '+' sign, add those tokens.
  • Select the token allocation, note that the total allocation must be 100%.
  • Fill in the necessary information such as your name, write description, then select the risk portfolio to 'Balanced'. Select 'Save & Launch'.
  • You may have to confirm on the wallet several times before the fund is successfully initialized.
  • Fund is successfully initialized.

Step 4: Confirm on Discord

Once done, join Domani's Discord here, scroll to the Channel ' feedback' and leave feedback on your progress (the experience smooth, fast or slow, face any problems) for the project.

Final thoughts

Congratulation, you have completed the DOMANI testnet. Wish you luck in receiving Retroactive and the project's early awards in the future.

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