OpenSea Officially Allows NFT Bulk Listing & Buying

OpenSea Officially Allows NFT Bulk Listing & Buying

OpenSea, the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) trading platform has the largest market share at the moment. In a recent announcement on October 5, OpenSea has allowed users to list and buy NFTs up to 30 NFTs at the same time in just a single transaction.


In case users need to bulk list or buy NFT, OpenSea will allow users to add up to 30 NFT items from the same chain to user's cart before completing the purchase in just one unique transaction. This will be very beneficial for investors such as:

  • Helps reduce gas costs (For large orders that only cost a few dollars in gas fees instead of buying them individually, gas fees can be high)
  • Make it more convenient and easy for users to arrange items properly

How to bulk listing and buying on OpenSea

Bulk listing feature

Users access 'Profile' tab and switch to 'Collected' section (this is the section showing the NFTs that users own). Users can then use the NFT bulk listing feature by clicking the '+' icon when hovering over the NFT item tag or by clicking 'list for sale' under 'More Options' '. Users will then be able to select a series of NFTs for sale, up to 30 NFTs can be selected at a time.

Bulk selling feature

Users access the NFT collection that they want to buy. Then, move the mouse to a specific NFT and select 'Add to cart' to add that NFT to the cart, then select other NFTs that users want to buy and do the above actions again. Users can add up to 30 NFTs to the cart before proceeding with the purchase. All NFT will be bought in just a single transaction.

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