NFT Aptos - Potential Projects of NFT Sector On Aptos

NFT Aptos - Potential Projects of NFT Sector On Aptos

In the past time, the name Aptos has been rekindling the opportunity for the market's recovery by the end of this year when this ecosystem has raised up to $ 350 million in capital from large investment funds such as: Coinbase Ventures, A16z, Multicoin Capital,…

In any ecosystem, the NFT array is an integral part, with the potential of the ecosystem confirmed by the valuation. So are there any NFT projects that are expected to have a lot of potential in the Aptos ecosystem? Let's find out with Holdstation in this article!

Blue Move

What is BlueMove?

BlueMove is the first community NFT Marketplace on Aptos and Sui Blockchain with a reward mechanism for traders, collectors and content creators for participating in Bluemove, which is currently in the process of running a testnet.

Get rewarded: Users who buy and sell NFTs on BlueMove will receive MOVE tokens.

Transaction fee sharing: 100% of transaction fees on BlueMove will be divided among MOVE stakers.

Royalties to Creators: NFT creators will be paid royalties the moment their NFT is sold.

What makes BlueMove so special?

So what made the individual writing the article find BlueMove special. The 3 most notable features of BlueMove that no other NFT Marketplace has yet are: there is a mobile support app, an NFT loan service, and an NFT orderbook.

Currently, almost all NFT marketplace projects do not support In-app wallet. BlueMove is in the direction of creating its own wallet.

One feature that is expected to be the highlight of Bluemove is NFT borrowing. NFT lending on the market is not new, but NFT lending combined into an NFT marketplace is still quite new, a few famous projects like JPED or Bend DAO. However, considering the popularity of crypto lending, NFT lending still has a lot of potential to exploit.

Besides, the individual NFT orderbook who wrote the article is thinking about the prospect of trading futures contracts with the product as NFT according to the orderbook mechanism similar to Dydx or GMX. Of course, this is just a personal guess, but if the direction of BlueMove is like this, it is likely that BlueMove will open a new page for the NFT market in particular and the crypto market in general.



·  Total Supply: 300,000,000.

·  Ticker: MOVE.

·  Blockchain: Aptos, Sui.

·  Standard: updating...

·  Token type: Utility, Governance.

Token allocation

Token Usecase

The main purpose of MOVE tokens is to reward MOVE staking users. Staker will also share NFT transaction fees on BlueMove. Similar to stakers, NFT traders on BlueMove will also receive MOVE tokens as trading rewards. 2% transaction fee (measured in $APT) in all NFT transactions except for NFTs sold in private sales will be deducted for development of BlueMove future products. There is currently no official announcement on when the MOVE token will be officially released.




BlueMove's NFT Marketplace model has a lot of cool and attractive new features and services, following the existing ones of big players like OpenSea and developing potential areas like NFT Lending or NFT orderbook. Currently, in theory, BlueMove's operating model can be said to be good and innovative. However, according to the observation of the individual who wrote the project's token, there is no specific deflation mechanism. Perhaps we will have to wait until the official BlueMove mainnet before we can accurately assess whether BlueMove's model is effective or not.


Souffl3 is a new NFT marketplace on Aptos, currently the project is under testnet. The special thing about Souffl3 is not from the UI or the features of the project but from the way the project interacts with the testnet participants.

In the role of a baker, each testnet participant will participate in baking the best cakes using NFT ingredients. Each of these NFTs can be obtained randomly with the exchange of bonus points for participating in project related activities. Details on how to join the project's testnet here.

Although only in the process of running the testnet, however, the individual who wrote the article found that the project's twitter and discord were greatly supported by the community participating in running the testnet. The project's Twitter has nearly 40k followers, the project's Discord also recorded nearly 25k mem. The campaign for users to join the testnet through the "baking" contest is attracting a lot of users with the reward being a chance to receive Souffl3 Genesis NFT whitelists.

Currently, the individual writing the article has not seen the project have whitepapers and has not seen the project's intention to release tokens. However, it is only in the process of running the testnet that the project has attracted a large number of users, which can be considered a solid stepping stone for the development of the project later.


In general, there are quite a few NFT projects currently in the process of running testnets on the Aptos ecosystem. However, in general, the individual writing the article currently only sees the above 2 projects as having a good operating model as well as a large number of supportive users. Investors can consider following the twitter channels as well as discord of these 2 projects to update the latest news of the project.

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