How To Use Telegram Wallet Bot - Guide To Stake $TON To Make Profits

How To Use Telegram Wallet Bot - Guide To Stake $TON To Make Profits

TON blockchain is developed by the Telegram team - one of the largest social networking platforms today with more than 700 million users. New innovations in 2022 mark a breakthrough when integrating bots into Telegram that allows storing and trading crypto like BTC, and Ethereum directly through Telegram Messages.

With convenience and accessibility, @cryptobot and @walletbot will make Telegram a Web3 DeFi SuperApp - connecting Web2 to Web3 and DeFi mass adoption.

What Is TonCoin? Overview Of The Potential SocialFi Blockchain Ecosystem From Telegram
What is The Open Network? Telegram Open Network is a Layer1 blockchain project, which was originally announced and developed by Telegram but was canceled due to legal issues. After that, the project was transferred to the community and renamed The Open Network. TON Blockchain TON is intended to…

Guide to create Telegram Wallet Bot

  • Go to @Wallet and open the Telegram app. Bot Wallet allows you to buy and sell TON coins or BTC with payment cards. In addition, you can buy $TON at exchanges such as Kucoin, OKX, Bybit,,... and transfer to Telegram bot wallet to conduct subsequent transactions more conveniently.
Select Add to Attachment Menu to conveniently use the bot in any chat box
A pop-up will appear announcing that the crypto bot wallet has been created successfully. Then, select Open Wallet to continue
  • To transfer TON to the wallet, click Deposit and then Copy the wallet address.
Click Deposit to transfer $TON to your Telegram bot wallet
Telegram asks to click Share to share the phone number
Click on the provided wallet address to copy and transfer from another platform to the wallet
  • If you want to buy directly with a payment card, click By crypto by card.
Choose Pay

You are redirected to another platform to process the payment and then TON will be deposited into the wallet.

Once you've set up and have some assets in your wallet, you can trade with others via chat.

Instructions for staking $TON to make profit

The APR per staking pool can be up to 14% and for a pool to function and generate income, the total amount of staking must exceed 300,000 TON. If the total amount of TON staked in a pool is more than 900,000 TON – then the excess will not be counted in profit ⇒ This pool is full so move to another pool.

The minimum stake is 10,000 TON - the development team says this number will decrease in the future.

Step 1: Access TON Validator HERE to select any pool and copy that Pool address.

Step 2: Paste the selected Pool address into

Select Nominator Pool to access Pool

Step 3: Click on ADD STAKE or scan the QR code through Tonkeeper wallet or another TON wallet platform (using the wallet's browser extension will be connected automatically).

  • If TON is not automatically added you can do it manually by sending TON to the Pool address.
  • The minimum staking amount for the nominator (retail investors authorizing the validator to validate) is 10,001 TON and add the letter "d" to the message before sending.


The minimum period that depositors can unstake is after 18 hours. To unstake, send 1 TON to the pool wallet address and add the letter "w" to the message (instead of the "d" like when staking). It is done!

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