How to Get Aptos:Zero - Authentic NFT From Aptos

How to Get Aptos:Zero - Authentic NFT From Aptos

Aptos is an emerging Layer 1 blockchain, raised more than $350 million from industry giants such as A16Z, Multicoin, Coinbase Ventures, FTX and having advanced technology. Holdstation has a detailed analysis of how good Aptos here. The community is getting hype as Aptos is about to launch mainnet this September,Dapps on Testnet are also thriving. Even old developers on Solana are moving to Aptos.

Therefore, the opportunity of XX assets for this ecosystem is huge. However, Aptos is still not mainnet, so the opportunity to make money will mainly come from retroactive. Today Holdstation will guide everyone how to mint NFT Aptos:Zero for free. Different from other retroactive bets, Aptos:Zero is the first and officially released version by Aptos Labs itself ➡ the win rate and potential of this bet is high.

Tutorial to Mint free NFT Aptos:Zero

Step 1: Go to the Website

Everyone visit this link. Then Sign in. Anyone can use a Discord/Google account.

Step 2: Wallet setting

Here, people can choose to use Aptos wallets like Petra or Martian. I recommend using Martian because this is one of the top projects on Aptos currently, Martian is also supported by many other projects on the Aptos ecosystem.

If you do not have a Martian wallet, you can download and create a new wallet here. Martian is built like Metamask, so it's very easy to create a wallet and use it.

Step 3: Work with the wallet

Currently, Aptos is still in the testnet stage so the wallet needs to change to the testnet network to be able to mint NFT.

Because it is on testnet, everyone can use APT freely to pay gas fees and buy/sell/swap/transfer money. Press the Airdrop button to get APT, each time you press it, you will get 20,000 APT for free.

Step 4: Connect wallet

After connecting as below, the message will appear and we approve.

Step 5: Claim NFT

It's done! The minted NFT will appear. You can use your wallet or access any NFT marketplace on Aptos (Topaz, Souffl3, BlueMove ...) to check/buy/sell NFT.

Good luck with the retroactive bet and have a chance to xx your assets!

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