Hippo Labs - Top Aggregator Project On Aptos

Hippo Labs - Top Aggregator Project On Aptos

Hippo Labs

The story of Airdrop from Aptos was so famous when everyone who tested on Aptos received at least $1,000. In the Aptos ecosystem, there are many potential projects that create investment opportunities for everyone like Hippo Labs.

What is Hippo Labs?

Hippo Labs is an outstanding Defi with a liquidity pooling mechanism on Aptos so that users can trade at the most favorable rates and at the best rates.

Hippo Labs builds a software development tool “SDK”, validators to focus on developing dApps on the Aptos ecosystem.

Technology developed by Hippo Labs

Hippo Labs develops a swap platform aiming to support as many dApps as possible on Aptos. Hippo Labs products are developed based on the following tools:

Move-to-ts: Use DSK typescript to automate the smoothest and most accurate on-chain logic construction for the best user experience.

Hippo SDK: liquidity aggregator library, connect multiple DEXs to aggregate liquidity, auto generate multiple transactions

Aptos wallet adapter: Supports multiple wallets on Aptos, users can develop an application interface that connects multiple wallets at the same time.

Integration capabilities

As a liquidity pooling project for users, Hippo aims to support the most number of dApps on this ecosystem.

Defi: Hippo Labs is a major partner of Econia (infrastructure development protocol, developed on top of Aptos) and in partnership with Pontem Network, this partnership enables Hippo to allow users to route multi-step transactions through these 2 DEXs.

Stablecoins: Hippo endeavors to support the expansion of stablecoin liquidity of ArgoUSD and Thalalabs.

Liquid Staking: Allows users to stake Aptos Tokens without locking the assets.
Wallet: Hippo integrates many wallets on the Aptos ecosystem and will expand more in the future.

Infrastructure: Hippo collaborates with many parties to develop targeted infrastructure to give users the best experience such as: LayerZero Labs, Swim Protocol and Switchboardxyz.

Highlights of Hippo Labs

Liquidity Aggregation: Hippo aggregates the liquidity of many DEXs on the Aptos ecosystem, making it possible for users to trade at the best rates.

Technology development capabilities: Hippo uses SDK tools and programming languages ​​to streamline development and deployment on Aptos. Increase efficiency 10 times.

Integrate large amount of dApps and still increasing number of dApps integrated with Hippo.

Holdstation used to instruct Hippo Labs testnet here

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