Finding Gems On Sui Blockchain- Any Potential?

Finding Gems On Sui Blockchain- Any Potential?

Sui Blockchain- using the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, is a layer 1 focused primarily on scalability and dynamic NFT to support Web3-related applications.

Similar to Aptos, Sui also has the participation of some members from Facebook Meta's Diem project (a blockchain project discontinued due to government regulations).

The potential of the Sui blockchain is worth noting with being invested by FTX, Binance Labs, a16z, Coinbase Ventures and many other large funds.

Sui blockchain is a hidden ecosystem filled with groundbreaking projects that are about to launch soon. Users can fully participate in these projects early to receive many priority benefits.

Let's find out a few projects under development on Sui Blockchain:


Twitter: @GallerySui

Sui Gallery is the first NFT marketplace for Sui Blockchain users; currently, the project has ended the NFT airdrop on Devnet, but Testnet will be launched soon shortly.

Sui Name Service (SuiNS)

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Twitter: @SuiNSdapp

SuiNS is a Name Service for Sui Blockchain- helps to simplify identity, website or wallet for Web3. Users can join early by filling out the form to become an Early Contributor here.



Twitter: @ShinamiCorp

Shinami is an application programming interface on Sui (Sui API) and a service running Node. To support the creation of Dapps that do not need to rely too much on running nodes. Shinami will provide the infrastructure that improves operability, dynamism, and scalability for the above projects.

Gameplay Galaxy


Twitter: @TrialXtreme

Gameplay Galaxy is a competitive sports game development ecosystem, has a reputable and experienced development team, and is currently a Mentor for Google. This team has successfully developed the famous game Trial Xtreme with 250,000,000 downloads and is planning to launch this game on the blockchain.



Twitter: @joinMovEX

MovEx is the first decentralized exchange (DEX) on SUI- built to provide the platform with a trading market and liquidity. MovEx's mechanism will use an Order Book mechanism and an automated market maker (AMM).

BlueMove NFT


Twitter: @BlueMoveNFT

BlueMove is the NFT marketplace on Sui. Currently, this project is being integrated on the testnet of both Sui Blockchain and Aptos, with a unique mechanism to reward traders, collectors, and even creators of NFT works - to be rewarded with tokens of NFT. The project is MOVE.

KX Finance


Twitter: @KXfinance

KX Finance is a DEX Aggregator on Sui, which will provide multiple liquidity pools for many different DEX exchanges. The project currently reaches users on Aptos, Sui and Solana, then intends to integrate on ETH and BSC later.



Twitter: @suiet_wallet

Suiet (pronounced "sweet") is an open-source wallet built on the Sui Blockchain. Users can join to become a beta testers of the project right on the website here.


Twitter: @OmniBTC

OmniBTC is an omnichain financial platform for web3, including OmniSwap, OmniLending, and OmniBridge.

Name Service

Twitter: @SuiNames

Sui Name Service provides .sui domain names for users of the Sui Blockchain system.

Above are a few potential projects under development on Sui Blockchain. Holdstation will continue to update and introduce more about the ecosystem in the future.

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