Aptin - A New Wind For Old Proof-of-Work Mechanism?

Aptin - A New Wind For Old Proof-of-Work Mechanism?

Aptin is a decentralized lending platform built on Aptos.

Aptin allows users to lend, borrow and receive digital assets in a global network, aiming to help ensure the privacy of the lending market.

Proof of Premium mechanism

A unique feature of Aptin lies in the mining reward mechanism, which is based on the Proof of Premium (POP) consensus mechanism - a mechanism that has many similarities with Proof of Work.

To explain the difference, POW relies on computer authentications to approve a transaction, but with POP, this mechanism will verify based on the commitment of validators (lenders or borrowers) provided for a period of time.

Therefore, it is the lenders and the borrowers who are the miners of the platform. Lenders provide assets to lend. They give up the opportunity cost of this asset and give the borrower access to the asset. In return, the lender will be paid a premium from the loan, thus earning a passive income.

Each block of Aptos generated from transactions will be paid a premium, divided equally between borrowers and lenders, increasing demand on the platform and promoting usage. more background.

Project token allocation

60% of tokens are allocated to the community, 20% to investors, and the remaining 20% to the team. According to the project evaluation from an investor's perspective, this is a safe roadmap and nothing special for a decentralized lending platform. The token vesting of the team for up to 3 years is also an advantage that should be considered to ensure the team will stick with the project for a long time.


With the near completion of the roadmap for the third quarter, it is expected that soon Aptin will be on mainnet and open for public sale.


With a refresh of an all-too-familiar POW concept, will Aptin bring a significant change to the ecosystem? Let's look forward to this potential project on this Aptos ecosystem in the future.

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