What Is SPACE ID 2.0? Major Upgrade of Space ID Ecosystem

What Is SPACE ID 2.0? Major Upgrade of Space ID Ecosystem

SPACE ID was developed as an identity solution in the Web3 world to optimize user experience when performing activities such as crypto trading, token borrowing, and minting NFT,... After the success of SPACE ID 1.0, the project has launched the next generation of the SPACE ID 2.0 ecosystem with many breakthrough upgrades. Let's find out and evaluate SPACE ID 2.0 with Holdstation.

SPACE ID 1.0 overview

What is SPACE ID?

SPACE ID is a platform to support domain name registration on the BNB chain ecosystem, as a place to help identify users in the decentralized world, Web 3 and to optimize the user experience when performing activities. transactions like crypto trading, borrowing tokens, minting NFT... without using a long string of numbers that are hard to remember.

How to register SPACE ID domain name

After allowing public registration from September 13, 2022, the SPACE ID domain name will be open for public registration at the links below:

  • Register SPACE ID domain name HERE.

The success of Space ID 1.0

In the 6 months since its launch, SPACE ID has rapidly achieved a total of approximately 361,000 registrations and 168,000 unique domain name owners and Name Service.bnb has integrated with over 100 projects with protocols such as BscScan, Trust Wallet, TokenPocket, BitKeep, Holdstation... At the same time, a series of features such as Gift Cards, Domain NFT Skins, and Referral Programs...

Get into SPACE ID 2.0

After the success of version 1.0, SPACE ID created a big buzz with domain names.bnb with the community, and on 1/2 SPACE ID released the next version of the domain name, Space ID 2.0 with many new features.

Let's learn about all the new features of SPACE ID 2.0 with Holdstation below:

Web3 Domain and Identity Platform

The Web 3 One-Stop Domain and Identity Platform is an innovative infrastructure that allows users to view and manage all the domains they want in one place. This platform works with the following 4 main functions:

  • Explore: Users search for the domain they want, trending collections, and features like recommendations or quick checks.
  • Registration: Users can now register all web3 domains on the SPACE ID Mainnet.
  • Trade: A marketplace specifically designed for trading web3 domains, with liquidity pooled from other marketplaces like OpenSea.
  • Management: A single integrated portal to manage renewal, rewrite, and ownership of all your web3 domains.

Understandably, this platform will help users manage domains from any chain such as domain.bnb, eth,..

Besides, this new platform is also a place to make domain name transactions easier, helping users learn and know precisely the value of the domain name they want. From there, you can easily register and trade your domain name.

--> This platform will create more convenient experiences for product users, especially in the decentralized user identity world.

Multi-chain domain name service

SPACE ID said, that version 2.0 does not only focus on the domain.bnb but also develop and integrate with many other chains participating in the world of SPACE ID domain names. SPACE ID 2.0 will show investors many new chains involved in decentralized user identification and support for multiple top-level domains.

SPACE ID has been in contact with many industry partners on various blockchains and will grow exponentially in a short time.

Predicting in the future, SPACE ID will have more domains like .apt .sui,... (this is just a personal guess).

--> SPACE ID develops multi-chain, and reaches more people, with many different services.

Web3 Name SDK & API

Easy to understand SDK & API is a development toolkit and programming interface, Web3 Name SDK & API has been developed by SPACE ID and better interacts with users by leveraging custom domains.

With greatly improved flexibility, scalability, and future-proof design, this toolkit is poised to be a game changer in this web3 age with over 100 SPACE ID partners simply integrating this one Web3 Names SDK to connect to all user-owned data naming.

--> As a tool to help SPACE ID move towards scalability and global development.

Parting Thoughts

In the future, SPACE ID's goal remains simple and unchanged: the vision of a global decentralized name-services network. With this new upgrade, SPACE ID is one step closer to its goal.

SPACE ID 2.0 brings a new platform and can create a new wave for other domain name projects. Especially with its integrated discovery - registration - transaction - management platform or combining multi-chain domain names, SPACE ID can attract a large number of users with this convenient platform.

SPACE ID is showing itself as an outstanding domain name project, creating a convenient ecosystem that is superior to other domain name projects. Let's wait with Holdstation to wait for SPACE ID 2.0 to be released in the near future with many breakthrough features.

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