What Is PerlinX? 70% Of Total Supply Of Project's Token Is Being Held By Sharks. Expectation X2 Profit

What Is PerlinX? 70% Of Total Supply Of Project's Token Is Being Held By Sharks. Expectation X2 Profit

During the current downtrend, to earn x2 account opportunities will take much more work than in the uptrend seasons. In this article, Holdstation will introduce you to the PerlinX project. The project has the opportunity to make profit x2 due to the following reasons:

What is the PerlinX project?

PerlinX is a defi platform that allows users to trade any asset through incentivizing liquidity mining and the creation of synthetic assets.

PerlinX incentivizes users to provide liquidity through the use of liquidity pools supported by the Balancer protocol. Participants will stake their $PERl to provide liquidity and will be rewarded. The reward for initial liquidity provision will be distributed in $PERL, $BAL and $UMA.

PerlinX also leverages the UMA protocol to create synthetic assets. Each asset will have its own price feed, powered by UMA's UMA Data Verification Mechanism (DVM), a decentralized oracle designed to solve the problem of centralized finance. All synthetic assets on Perlinx will have PREFIX PX (e.g. PxGold, PxCarbon, etc.). Each synthetic asset is created using the PerlinX platform and requires Perl as collateral.

Information about token allocation, token payment schedule and roadmap is here

Because of the nature of this project, after researching the writers, it is found that the main information that investors need to pay attention to will include 2 main ideas in part 2 below:

Interesting Points

First of all, it is impossible not to mention that the transaction volume of $PERL is quite low, only $2.8 million, cap is about $9 million.

The special thing about PERL is that this token has only 9 million cap but has been listed on Binance and currently has no trading pair with BUSD.

Regarding personal onchain data, I also checked some important metrics as follows:

Token distribution (Source: Nansen)

According to earnings data from Nansen, the majority of $PERL is being held by Binance and some are labeled millionaire tokens. These wallets personally observed that the balance of the wallet only holds $PERL and the transaction history is all related to $PERL, then it is very likely that this is the wallet of the team or the big hands. Therefore, the number of tokens that retail investors hold is not much, so it is unlikely that the token will be dumped.

Chart $PERL frame D1 (Source: TradingView)

Because of this nature, the rate of the token's price having a "flash pump" is very likely, investors can consider disbursing 5-10% of capital around $0.18-$0.19 with a target of 50% - x2. Investors should adhere to capital management principles to ensure their assets.

The information, statements and conjecture contained in this article, including opinions expressed, are based on information sources that Holdstation believes those are reliable. The opinions expressed in this article are personal opinions expressed after careful consideration and based on the best information we have at the writing's time. This article is not and should not be explained as an offer or solicitation to buy/sell any tokens/NFTs.
Holdstation is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses arising from the use of this article content.
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