What is Croswap ($CROS)? The Latest DEX on Arbitrum

What is Croswap ($CROS)? The Latest DEX on Arbitrum

If you are a user on Layer 2 Arbitrum, you must have used many exchanges such as Camelot, Ramses, Sterling, ... However, up to now, there has not been any DEXS really winning the battle between AMMs .

Today, Holdstation will introduce the latest warrior to participate in this battle - Croswap.

What is Croswap?

Croswap is a decentralized exchange built towards the following goals:

  • Security
  • User friendly
  • Low cost
  • Deep liquidity

The main products of Croswap:

  • AMM
  • Stake Pool
  • Yield Farming
  • NFTs
  • Games
  • Perpertual dex


$CROS is the main token of Croswap that owns features such as:

  • Used in events and ecosystem games of $ Cros
  • Stake to receive rewards
  • Convert to $esCROS to start receiving revenue sharing awards
  • Buyback & Burn from revenue/fee


$esCROS received by users from Yield Farming and lock $CROS, $esCROS will have the usecases:

  • Reduce inflation of $CROS
  • Stake received platform revenue sharing
  • Vesting for 180 days to receive $CROS
  • Vesting for 360 days to receive $CSX
Rewards ratio of $CROS/$esCROS


$CSX is the native token of the Perpertual Dex in Croswap ecosystem, users can own $CSX via vesting $esCROS/$esCSX or buy from open markets. Perpertual transaction fee will be allocated:

  • 30% share for $CSX stakers
  • 10% will be used to buyback & burn $CROS
  • 20% for ecosystem development fund
  • 40% transferred to Croswap's Tresuary

Yield Farming

Croswap uses the Liquidity Mining model similar to other AMMs. However, they have some typical improvements such as the liquidity lock to receive APR better and the rewards are paid as $esToken.

  • Liquidity lock: users provide liquidity and receive rewards, but if committed to that liquidity in 45-90-180 days (optional). Users will be rewarded with better APR
  • $esToken: Instead of paying 100% bonus with $CROS, the platform will pay at the ratio of $esCROS:$CROS to prevent inflation and encourage user staking to receive realyield from sharing revenue.
Users Liquidity Can Choose Lock Option To Increase APR


Croswap has 3 main types of pool:

  • Standard Pool: Users can Stake $CROS to receive rewards from the platform
  • NFT Pools: Support users to create passive income from Croswap's NFT. Besides, the platform also supports third party to create NFT pool for their project.
  • Emitting Pools: Users can stake any token to this pool to receive $CROS/$esCROS bonus

Croswap NFT & Marketplace

  • Croswap's NFT Marketplace: this is full of features marketplace that support users to buy/sell/aution NFT, optimize user experience and especially Launchpad for third parties who want to raise funds from the community.
  • Nodey the Whale: is the NFT set that helps the owner to reduce the tax fee when Stake and receive a reward. Besides also helps users boost APR Farming Pool
  • Founders NFT: Receive Whitelist the whole project in the future is implemented on Croswap's ecosystem and receive revenue sharing from NFT Marketplace
  • Quartermaster NFTS: Boost Roi by increasing the amount of rewards in the user's Farming Pool

Besides the above features, Croswap also has many gameplays for users to use such as Raffle, Battleshi, Hijack.

Revenue from these games will be used to buyback & Burn $CROS to optimize the economy of the ecosystem.


Overall, Croswap is a project with a diverse ecosystem including:

  • AMM Dex
  • Perpertual Dex
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Games

The pieces support each other closely, creating a diverse ecosystem. If you are DeFi users who want to find a one-stop, Croswap will be AMM worth experience.

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