What Is bnb.me? Bringing Web3 Potential Across Web2

What Is bnb.me? Bringing Web3 Potential Across Web2

Web3 is significantly being expanded at the current time. However, not all technologies can respond and adapt to Web3 as it is now. Most major corporate browsers are still on Web2. And as we all know, Web3 domains (.bnb, .eth, .sol,...) are different from Web2 domains (.com, .net, .xyz,...) and one of the problems for Web3 domains at the moment is accessible barrier to Web2 browsers. However, now that things are changing, bnb.me will be a game changer. Let's find out with Holdstation what bnb.me is and what it offers for Web3 enthusiasts.

What is bnb.me?

bnb.me is a service that resolves Space ID .bnb domain records. bnb.me acts as a connection between Web3 domains and Web2 domains in a decentralized way, making it easy for .bnb domain owners to access from any web browser.

For example: With bnb.me, users can use any web browser (Brave, Chrome, Safari,...) to access Holdstation's decentralized website at holdstation.bnb.me for holdstation.bnb

How bnb.me works?

How bnb.me works
How bnb.me works

bnb.me is a reverse proxy for .bnb domains and IPFS content.

The process is: When a user visits holdstation.bnb.me, bnb.me will lookup the IPFS CID of the holdstation.bnb domain from the resolver and fetches the contents from the IPFS network then responds to the browser of the holdstation.bnb holder.

Because Web2 browsers do not resolve blockchain domains at the moment. The current easiest way to look up the IPFS Hash (CID) of a Web3 domain name is to use a wildcard DNS record *.bnb.me to get the name of the .bnb domain. If the user owns the domain abc.bnb, then abc.bnb.me will be the user's unconfigured Web2 domain.

Why do we need bnb.me?

Many websites are now hosted on a decentralized network called IPFS in Web3, which means they are not hosted on centralized servers owned by a certain individual or institution. On the other hand, this network is hosted on many different nodes. Users can also turn their own computer into an IPFS node.

In addition to resolving and collapsing a long, hard-to-remember wallet address, blockchain domains can also be used to host a website. Therefore, the IPFS gateway plays a necessary role in this subject.

So by adding .me to a user's .bnb domain, bnb.me is the way to access websites hosted on a decentralized network.

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