What is AtoDEX? Overview of The Potential AMM On Aptos Ecosystem

What is AtoDEX? Overview of The Potential AMM On Aptos Ecosystem

AtoDEX is one of the very first DEXs to launch on the Aptos mainnet - Layer1 blockchain which is receiving a lot of attention right now. AtoDEX uses an automatic market making mechanism (AMM) similar to Uniswap or Pancakeswap, applying the high security of the Move programming language.

This is also the first Aggregator DEX platform on Aptos with a referral mechanism, and staking and farming features are also being developed.

And especially, the platform is having a program to accumulate bonus points when operating on the project's tesnet. Detailed instructions HERE.

Main features of AtoDEX

AtoDEX will function primarily as an AMM on Aptos and towards Frictionless Swap transactions with Accurate Trade (AT) function.

DEX Aggrerator

In addition to being the AMM for Aptos, AtoDEX aspires to become a liquidity aggregator in whole ecosystem by consolidating transactions from different DEXs in one place. Thereby enhancing users' trading experience by allowing them to trade with optimal liquidity pools, saving time and improving trading efficiency.

Providing Liquidity and Farming on AtoDEX

Users can create liquidity Pools and provide unlimited liquidity to Pools, and receive LP tokens representing the provided liquidity. Users can then continue to use these LP tokens for Farming right on AtoDEX to maximize profits.

Referrals Program

Users holding a sufficient number of LP tokens (liquidity tokens) will be eligible to activate the Referrals function. The user can then share his referral link and get 7% commission (total value earned by the referrer through the Farming Program).

The amount of LP tokens will continue to accumulate every time a user adds liquidity pairs to the Pools, and then when qualified, the user can upgrade the Referrals reward to Tier 2. The user upgrades to Tier 2. successful will receive an additional 3% commission, bringing the total amount of commission to 10%.

These LP tokens will stay in the user's wallet, and can be continued to be used in the Farming Program on AtoDEX to maximize profits.

Transaction fee

Atodex will charge a fee of 0.3% per transaction and this fee will be used for two purposes.

  • 0.2% will go to liquidity providers
  • The remaining 0.1% will be put into the Treasure Box of the platform and will be used for various purposes in the future, such as events for the community, investors, partner,...

However, in general, this fee is quite high compared to a DEX platform, and the project developer may need to adjust it in the future.


Currently the project has not launched the official tokenomic and will be updated in the future

Project partner

The project also raised $200,000 from "angel investors" by selling 10.5 million ADX tokens.

The project is also starting a Private Sale round for the ambassador program for the AtoDEX project, targeting KoLs on social networking platforms. With a total of 7 million tokens sold.


The current Layer 1 Aptos has only been on the mainnet for a short time and is still lacking in the service of DeFi tools in general - one of the core factors to promote the entire development ecosystem.

Although currently the information from AtoDEX is still quite small and unclear, the current features are not new and outstanding. But as one of the first AMMs and already has a product, this will be a good opportunity for AtoDEX to grow in a time when Aptos is still as primitive as it is now, or can completely explode if all The Aptos ecosystem set can thrive.

In addition, everyone can also grab the retroactive/airdrop opportunity by joining the project testnet

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