Strategic Partnership Between WOO and UB Ventures in Vietnam

Strategic Partnership Between WOO and UB Ventures in Vietnam

Within the upcoming GM Vietnam event, representatives from WOO will be present at several key events to officially announce the strategic partnership between WOO and UB Ventures. This marks a new opportunity for both parties, demonstrating their commitment to developing the regional market within WOO's ecosystem while advancing the growth of the digital financial market in Vietnam.

About WOO

WOO is a global ecosystem encompassing diverse services for retail and institutional users worldwide. WOO's products include the centralized financial platform WOO X and the decentralized financial platform WOOFi. With the goal of creating a safe, transparent, and efficient trading ecosystem, WOO has garnered significant interest from the global cryptocurrency community. WOOX, for instance, boasts an average daily trading volume of $600 million and serves as a trusted destination for hundreds of thousands of traders worldwide. WOOFi's Perp DEX also achieves a trading volume ranging from 200M to 800M daily, making it one of the largest DeFi exchanges globally.

About UB Ventures

UB Ventures, the forefront venture capital firm in cryptocurrency investment within Vietnam's market, has rapidly emerged since its establishment in 2020. Over the span of four years, UB Ventures has strategically nurtured numerous renowned projects, both domestically and globally.

Embracing a core principle of "HOLD" for long-term investment, UB Ventures is dedicated to journeying alongside projects from their nascent stages to full-fledged development. This steadfast commitment ensures comprehensive support from inception, fostering sustainable growth and prosperity for the ventures it champions.

Aspects of the Strategic Partnership

Recognizing Vietnam's significant potential evidenced by its trading volume and highest mass adoption rates globally in 2022 and 2023, WOO aims to leverage this potential through initial collaborations with UB Ventures. By combining the strengths of both parties, WOO seeks to enhance its ecosystem and facilitate easy access to a local user base, addressing diverse community needs. As one of the earliest and most sustainable blockchain communities in Vietnam, UB Ventures will strategically support WOO in key market areas such as:

  1. Community Management and Development: WOO's communities will be built and nurtured with support fromUB Ventures through trading competitions, AMA sessions, and educational content development to guide users in the safest and most understandable use of products.
  2. Empowering User Benefits: The partnership will support small and medium-sized projects in Vietnam to access international markets through WOO's Incubation program and reward activities for users with good interaction.
  3. Rapid and Transparent Communication: All WOO activities and programs will be translated and guided by the UB Ventures team to ensure Vietnamese users can access information quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of the Collaboration

Enhanced User Value: The collaboration enables users to access a comprehensive platform for executing transactions, managing, and monitoring digital assets easily and safely, increasing utility and optimizing profits for users.

Increased Trust and Security: With the collaboration of two leading companies in the field, users can have greater confidence in the safety and transparency of transactions and financial activities, crucial in a context with numerous security risks in the digital financial world.
Contribution to the Development of the Digital Financial Market in Vietnam

The collaboration not only benefits both companies but also contributes to the overall development of the digital financial market in Vietnam. This will drive innovation and enhance competitiveness in the industry, creating more opportunities for businesses and investors.

Future Prospects

The partnership between WOO and UB Ventures promises to continue to grow stronger and bring more value to the digital financial market in Vietnam. Both companies have long-term plans and are committed to jointly promoting the development of the digital economy.

With robust technological foundations and smart cooperation strategies, WOO and UB Ventures aim not only to dominate the domestic market but also to expand into international markets. This not only helps enhance the position of both companies but also contributes to making Vietnam a significant hub for digital finance in the region.

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