Stop Regretting Aptos, LayerZero Is The Next Chance For Hardworking Airdrop Hunters

Stop Regretting Aptos, LayerZero Is The Next Chance For Hardworking Airdrop Hunters

Airdrop has been the most searched keyword on the Holdstation site for about a month. At the moment, there are still many users who regret that they did not receive a terrible airfrop from Aptos. However, now is not the time to let emotions rule, but it is time for us to work hard to look for the next opportunities. Today Holdstation will bring to users the name LayerZero a project with an extremely large airdrop rate!

Overview of LayerZero Labs

LayerZero is an omnichain interoperable protocol that enables multi-network connectivity.

In a word, this allows us to bridge assets across multiple chains. Gain cross-chain matching capabilities and functionality. To do this, it used oracle and relayer to transmit information from chain A to chain B .

It can be thought of as the bottom layer of interactive infrastructure.

Layer Zero stands out most with dApp Stargate Finance - the first dApp on Layer 0

Huge airdrop opportunity for users?

Recently, LayerZero Labs raised $135 million from major funds such as Sequoia Capital, FTX Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase Ventures, PayPal Ventures, Tiger Global, Uniswap Labs and other leading investors. Now, LayerZero has been valued at $ 1 billion, fully capable and funded to turn into a large airdrop for users.

In addition, this is the first web3 project invested by PayPal.

How to get $ZRO airdrop from LayerZero?

Currently, there is no information about the project's airdrop. However, we can expect this when in the project's code information there is a mention of a token called $ZRO combined with viwwcj the project is funded by many large funds, the ability to airdrop tokens for users would be enormous.

$ZRO is expected to be released soon when appearing in the project's code line.

Option 1: Get airdrop for only 5$- Become a Stargate Finance DAO voter.

Stargate Finance is the first Layer Zero protocol to work so it makes perfect sense to start the airdrop hunt here.

Become a DAO voter on Stargate Finance:

Buy $1 worth of Stargate $STG Tokens on Uniswap or any mainnet platform.

Visit website:

Stake the STG token I obtained to become a Stargate DAO voter.

Please regularly vote on the Stargate Governance Proposals:

—> By doing this, users will become Stargate Finance voters and have a great chance to receive airdrops coming from Layer Zero.

Option 2: Use a bridge on Pontem

Bridge on Pontem is a bridge on LayerZero that allows users to transfer tokens between Aptos and Ethereum. As a hybrid product between LayerZero and Pontem, this action also has the potential for users to receive rewards when LayerZero issues tokens.

Option 3: Experience projects built on Layer 0

Besides, we also have many projects built on LayerZero that users can experience to increase their chances of receiving airdrops later such as: @rage_trade, @AngelProtocol, @MugenFinance and @RDNTCapital by:

Transfer some money to vaults

Experience projects on the LayerZero ecosystem

Swap tokens on this ecosystem

Airdrop hunting strategy

To increase your chances of receiving an airdrop, interact with the bridge at least once a week. Do simple things like bridge stablecoins back and forth between chains. Trades should make more than 10$

Let's make a specific schedule for this hunting trip, for example:

Monday: Bridge 10 USDC from ETH to Aptos

Wenesday: Interacting with Layer 0 projects on the system

Friday: Vote to vote on Stargate

Do the above as much as possible. The probability of the average user airdrop will be higher if the user interaction is more.

The above are just views as well as examples from individuals writing articles. Results only come to hard-working hunters. Stay up to date with the latest project news to look forward to the airdrop plan from LayerZero's plan!

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