Optimized Airdrop Chances Of 14% Of Optimism's Total Supply

Optimized Airdrop Chances Of 14% Of Optimism's Total Supply

Summary about Optimism's airdrop #1

Optimism, Layer2 scaling solution on Ethereum which has one of the largest TVL next to Layer2 Arbitrum. Over the past year, Optimism has shown strong growth during an OP Summer season. This Layer2 project has also airdropped the first phase to users with 5% of the total token supply of Optimism, which is up to 275000 $OP per wallet for wallets that meet the maximum criteria.

However, in the tokenomics design of Optimism, Optimism spends about 19% of the project's total supply for user airdrops and Optimism has only airdropped 5% of the total supply in airdrop #1. That means there is still 14% of the total supply - almost 3 times airdrop #1 that will be airdropped in the future. So in the near future, what users need to do to optimize the ability to receive the remaining 14% airdrop of Optimism's total supply, let's explore with Holdstation the possibilities that may be the criteria in the airdrop #2 by Optimism.

Tokenomics of Optimism with 19% of total supply for user airdrops
Tokenomics of Optimism with 19% of total supply for user airdrops

So, what criteria should be fulfilled to maximize the chances of receiving an airdrop.

1. Complete Optimism Quests

Optimism Quests
Optimism Quests

Optimism Quest is an event organized by Optimism in partnership with Galxe to help users experience the ecosystem - quite similar to Arbitrum Odyssey. Users will receive an NFT representing the project of each quest. Optimism Quests bring users an interactive experience of almost all major dApps of the Optimism ecosystem, thereby bringing the airdrop rate of the project in particular and Optimism in general is very high.

There are a total of 18 quests for users to experience the core dApps of Optimism, from easy to difficult. According to my opinion, it is possible that Optimism will classify the number of $OP tokens to be airdropped based on the number of quests that users can complete. The explanation for this is, of course, because there are quests that are quite difficult to complete for users who have a tight budget, such as the Synthetix quest (currently this quest requires users to stake 10000 $SNX, which is roughly equivalent 20000$) or Hop Protocol quest (requires users to provide a liquidity of 500$ or more if they want to complete the quest within 1 month).

Currently, Optimism Quests is only about 1 month away (the deadline to receive NFT Optimism Quests on Galxe is January 18, 2023). Users need to take advantage of as many quests as possible to maximize the possibility of receiving more $OP token airdrops.

2. Collect NFTs from The Optimism Collective

The Optimism Collective on Mirror.xyz
The Optimism Collective on Mirror.xyz

The Optimism Collective is a new compensation model created by Optimism to reward individuals and projects that create or maintain public goods. Through it, Optimism Collective will allocate the fund to contributing projects and for community building purposes. Therefore, users cannot rule out collecting NFTs from The Optimism Collective as this could become an eligibility criterion in the next Optimism airdrop.

Recently, Optimism announced the launch of Citizens' House responsible for allocating 10 million $OP funding for core contributions of publics goods that support development related to utilities, education, and infrastructure (via retroPGF 2).

In the announcement of retroPGF 2, The Optimism Collective appeared 2 latest NFTs 'Introducing the Citizens' House: 10m OP to Public Goods' and 'Introducing the OP Stack'. Currently these 2 NFTs have been sold out and are being listed on the secondary market. Users can access the link below to buy these two NFTs on Quix.

Additionally, on the NFT Marketplace Quix, users can also buy previous NFTs from The Optimism Collective to increase the chances of receiving the upcoming Optimism airdrop.

3. Implement the eligibility criteria of Airdrop #1

Eligibility criteria of Optimism airdrop #1
Eligibility criteria of Optimism airdrop #1

The last thing that cannot be ignored is the re-implementation of the airdrop #1 eligibility criteria. In my opinion, it is impossible to exclude the case that Optimism will reuse this set of criteria in the previous airdrop to reward users, and users should not be subjective but ignore it because most of the criteria are very easy to do, we can specifically summarize as follows:

Become a regular user of Optimism

The purpose of the airdrop is to attract users to use and become loyal users of Optimism ecosystem. Therefore, regular use Optimism and native projects built on Optimism is a minimum criterion that users need to fulfill. Through Optimism Quests, users have also experienced most of the core projects on Optimism. However, i recommend regularly using these projects for several weeks as well as experiencing as many projects as possible to increase the chances of receiving the airdrop.

DAO voter

Decentralization and one of the main benefits of the $OP token is governance. Therefore, participating in the DAO governance vote is an indispensable step if you want to optimize the possibility of receiving airdrops from Optimism.

Users need to buy and send $OP tokens to their own wallet. Users then need to delegate these $OP tokens to others, which means giving them voting power or delegating themselves (*recommended) via the 'Delegates' section on the Optimism homepage.

Then when there is a new governance proposal, and the amount of $OP in the user's wallet will be snapshotted to have voting rights in the DAO. Users can participate in Optimism governance voting on the Snapshot platform and participate in further governance voting for major dApps built on Optimism.

Grant donation on Gitcoin is an activity that users can support a particular project with users money through Gitcoin platform. This is one of the airdrop #1 criteria and cannot be ruled out that it will also become a criterion in airdrop #2. Users accessing Gitcoin Grants, add projects that need to be donated to the cart, enter the amount of money that users want to donate and proceed payment by different methods (i recommend using cryptocurrency for payment). From a subjective perspective, users should search and choose projects that built on Optimism to support in order to maximize the possibility of receiving airdrops from the project itself as well as from Optimism.

Using bridges

Bridges are an integral part of an ecosystem regardless of whether it is Layer1 or Layer2. Optimism Bridge is no exception, users should regularly use the Optimism Bridge on Optimism's homepage. To optimize the possibility of receiving airdrops, users can bridge as many assets from various networks to the Optimism network as possible.


Through the article, users have understood the hypothetical criteria that can optimize the possibilities of receiving airdrops from Optimism. However, this is just the subjective perspective of the writer, the eligibility criteria for the airdrop depends entirely on Optimism, so the criteria proposed by the writer are for reference only.

The information, statements and conjecture contained in this article, including opinions expressed, are based on information sources that Holdstation believes those are reliable. The opinions expressed in this article are personal opinions expressed after careful consideration and based on the best information we have at the writing's time. This article is not and should not be explained as an offer or solicitation to buy/sell any tokens/NFTs.
Holdstation is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses arising from the use of this article content.
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