Optimism Announces Airdrop Phase #2 - Future Airdrop Potential

Optimism Announces Airdrop Phase #2 - Future Airdrop Potential

After Optimism announced the first airdrop in May 2022 with 5% of the total supply, the community gradually paid attention to $OP, and the Optimism ecosystem continued to grow after that. Today, the Optimism Foundation announced airdrop #2 with only about 0.27% of the total supply, disappointing the community. However, the considerable airdrop potential from the next round is still there when the Optimism Foundation has more than 13% of the total supply to airdrop for users.

Optimism Airdrop

Optimism’s Airdrop #1 distributed over 200m OP tokens to 250,000 early adopters and engaged users in May 2022. With the introduction of OP, the Collective established a bicameral governance system that provides the foundation for a growing digital city. As of today (February 9, 2023), 88k addresses have voted on over 90 proposals to distribute more than 55m OP tokens across the ecosystem, and Optimism’s first protocol upgrade is headed to vote in February.

Airdrop #2 Allocation

Optimism’s Airdrop #2 distributes 11,742,277.10 OP to 307,965 unique addresses to reward positive-sum governance participation and power users of Optimism Mainnet. Optimism Foundation took a snapshot of addresses on 01-20-2023 at 0:00 UTC.

Airdrop #2 is distributed directly to eligible wallets. There is no need to claim tokens by interacting with any website.

Airdrop #2 rewards users for their involvement in Optimism governance and covers a portion of their network usage costs:

  • Governance delegation rewards are based on the amount of OP delegated, and the time it was delegated
  • Partial gas rebates for active Optimism users who have spent over a certain amount on gas fees
  • Multiplier bonuses determined by additional attributes related to governance and usage

There are two types of Optimism rewards:

  • Governance Delegation Reward: has had at least total 2000 $OP "delegated x days" (max 5000 $OP per address)
  • Gas Usage Reward: spent the average cost of one layer-1 transaction from $6.1 on Optimism
Two types of reward

Additionally, there are four additional attributes that addresses can earn multiplier bonuses:

  • Governance: had an active delegation from 20 $OP at a snapshot
  • Governance: had a total of 54,367 $OP delegated x days
  • Usage: had transactions across six distinct months on Optimism
  • Usage: spent at least $20 on gas fees

👉 Check your wallet address if you are eligible for airdrop here.

Optimistic Daily Transaction

The Optimistic Ethereum daily transaction chart has had stability since the airdrop #1 in May 2022, with the highest number of 800,235 transactions on January 12, 2023. There was a rumor in January that Optimism Foundation is ready to snapshot and airdrop soon, which is why the Optimism daily transaction reached new ATH in January. After that, the daily transaction drops dramatically to an average of 200,000 daily transactions.

Token OP

$OP fell more than 7% from $2.5 to $2.33 after the Optimism Foundation announced the airdrop #2, while $OP just achieved the new ATH at $3.22 a week ago, which is falling nearly 40% from the ATH. At the time of writing, OP token traded at $2.44 with the 24h trading volume of almost $500m, which decreased more than 10%.

The Potential Airdrop In The Future

Although airdrop #2 disappoints the user because just airdrop of nearly 12m $OP (0.27% of the total supply), the community could look forward to the numerous airdrop after airdrop #2. The Optimism Quests may not snapshot yet, and the Optimism Foundation still has about 13.73% of the total supply for community airdrops. Moreover, Optimism Foundation may launch season 2 of Optimism Quests, leveraging the potential for the community to receive airdrop while interacting with the Optimism blockchain.

The tokenomics of $OP

Reviews And Summary

To sum up, airdrop #2 of Optimism has ended and announced the eligibility of users who qualified to receive the airdrop. Airdrop #2 was sent directly to a qualified wallet address to avoid a scam website like the airdrop #1 last year.

Besides, there are still many Optimism airdrops in the future because 13.73% of the initial supply is left for users who commonly interact with the Optimism blockchain. Therefore, the user does not need to rush or leave the Optimism blockchain when not eligible for airdrop #2. The potential of $OP grow still there along with the Optimism ecosystem in order to achieve the new ATH again.

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