Will This Be The Next Trend of DeFi?

Will This Be The Next Trend of DeFi?

DeFi has really exploded in the time of 2020-2021 - the period still referred to as "DeFi Summer". At that time, the platforms attracted cash flow by paying rewards in platform governance tokens with super attractive interest rates. Even many users "criticize" a Yield Farming with an APY of "4 digit". However, at the present time the value of those tokens has decreased by 80% from ATH. It can be seen that DeFi's operating model at that time was completely ineffective or more precisely the Ponzi model.

So what's new in DeFi now?

Real Yield is a new term of the cryptocurrency market that has been hotly discussed on social networking platforms recently. You can understand it is a Pool that the platform creates where users Stake or Lock governance tokens of that platform to receive rewards with other tokens such as ETH, AVAX, BNB, ... the special thing heres. The amount of this payout that is deducted from the base profit earned. More literally, this sounds like a form of dividend.

Real Yield usually pays APY at "2 digits", in contrast to Ponzi Yields in DeFi 2020-2021 this APY is ideal for a safe Pool. The thing to note here is that you should compare revenue and interest rates to determine if the platform is minting tokens to pay bonuses with ETH or BNB, because if so, the token's inflation will jeopardize your wallet.

GMX Staking APR 

Regarding the operation and operation of Real Yield, investors can refer to a good example of Tokenomic and Staking of GMX here.

In short, the term Real Yield is still very new, so it is still controversial in the community. Through recent search and research, the author offers a number of projects with integrated Real Yield for investors' reference such as: GMX, MCDEX, Umami Finance, Synthetix,... Real Yield is forecasted to be is a next trend of DeFi when users are too familiar with the Ponzi Yield model. The safety and stability of Real Yield is being appreciated by the community, which is also a contributing factor to the recent boom of GMX or Synthetix. Real Yield has great potential to bring a breath of fresh air or even DeFi Summer 2.

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