Make Profits With The First Destablecoin On BNB Chain?

Make Profits With The First Destablecoin On BNB Chain?

What is Helio Protocol?


Helio Protocol is an open source protocol for borrowing and earning interest on the HAY token, a destablecoin sponsored by BNB. Helio aims to position $HAY not only as a pioneer token but also as the leading token of the destablecoin array on BNB Chain.

Besides, Helio Protocol is also a decentralized liquid staking and collateralized lending platform built on BNB Chain. Or is the project's native destablecoin 100% backed by BNB.

Its main function is a loan for mortgage of BNB with a mortgage rate of about 152% (For example, if you mortgage $1000 BNB, you can borrow about $ 150 OR), Liquidity mining on LP Dexes Helio's core goal is to provide a destablecoin ($HAY) that will be capital efficient and decentralized.

What is Destablecoin $HAY? Difference between destablecoin & stablecoin

What is Destablecoin $HAY?

“Decentralized-stablecoin” is a new type of asset class within the crypto space that seeks to label a more accurate term in the current stablecoin landscape. Destablecoins utilize decentralized, liquid staked, crypto assets only as collateral and do not aim to achieve absolute price stability with fiat-based currencies such as USD.

HAY's price stability mechanism

The Helio Protocol is able to maintain HAY’s $1 value with respect to USD in the following scenarios:

When HAY > $1, the supply of HAY needs to increase:

  • Since HAY is at a premium, borrowers are incentivized to borrow more HAY to sell for other assets for arbitrage opportunities.
  • To reduce demand for HAY farming, Helio will reduce HAY farming rewards by decreasing HAY borrowing interest.

When HAY < $1, the supply of HAY needs to decrease

  • Since HAY is at a discount, borrowers are incentivized to buy HAY from the market to pay back the debt.
  • To decrease HAY borrowing demand, Helio will increase HAY borrowing interest, which increases HAY farming rewards


$HAY token Allocation

· Ticker: HAY

· Blockchain: BNB chain

· Token type: governance, utility

· Token Standard: BEP-20

· Total Supply: 6,687,103 HAY

· Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 HAY

· Circulating Supply: 6,680,871 HAY

· Market Cap: $6,827,567

· 24H Trading Vol: $60,187

Difference between destablecoin & stablecoin

Make Profits With The First Destablecoin On BNB Chain


Stake HAY

The simplest and safest way is that you can buy $ OR here and take $ OR to stake to receive rewards as well as $ OR on Helio Protocol to experience attractive apr levels up to 25.59%


Borrowing HAY

Pay rate is 2% of the total loan value, then take $OR to stake at Helio itself to make a profit or another way is to bring HAY borrowed amount to farming with HAY/BUSD pair on Pancake swap or with apr 29.44%.

For example, if you mortgage $1000 BNB with a mortgage rate of 152%, you will receive $150 OR and pay a 2% apr equivalent fee of $20. If you stake this $OR with APR of 25.59% the amount you will get will be: $150 x 25.59%= $38.4. So you still make $18.4

Another problem is that you will bring the $OR loan to farm with apr 29.44%, then if everything goes well you will receive a profit: $ 150 x 29.44% -$20= $24.16

Chance to get airdrop from Helio

Currently, the project's native token $HELIO does not have a specific release schedule, if you actively participate in activities on the Helio protocol. Then there is a very high chance that you will have a chance to receive an airdrop from the project.

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