Liquidswap, The First Dex On Aptos Ecosystem

Liquidswap, The First Dex On Aptos Ecosystem

Liquidswap is the first AMM on the Aptos ecosystem, the layer 1 blockchain is arguably the most scalable and secure. Just yesterday morning, the Vietnamese crypto community in particular and the whole world in general was excited when this blockchain airdropped for users who claimed Aptos' NFT, with each registered gmail will receive 150 APT.

Special features of Liquidswap

Similar to other Dex exchanges Liquidswap offers a service to traders and users who want to provide liquidity to benefit from trading fees. This Dex exchange currently supports trading pairs: APT/BTC, APT/USDT, APT/USDC, APT/WETH. Is the child of Pontem Network, a product development studio working towards global financial inclusion with the application of blockchain technology. Pontem is also a studio that works with Aptos to develop and build foundation tools, infrastructure for the Aptos ecosystem and the Move language.

Pontem Network's products include tools for developers, Move source code, EVM, AMM, Pontem Wallet, etc. Move IntelliJ IDE and Move Playground are just the beginning.

At the present time, after Aptos has officially mainnet, launched tokens, and paid airdrops to users, the products in Aptos' ecosystem will definitely attract cash flow, with a series of behind. great backers such as: Aptos, Alameda Research, Delphi Digital, Animoca Brands,... Then Pontem's products including Liquidswap will certainly bring a lot of promise. And once the project launches the token, the fomo nature of the project, the individual writing the article claims, will not be small.

Objective Review Liquidswap

Liquidswap is also an indispensable element in an ecosystem. With the worldwide crypto community being extremely fomo and looking forward to dapps of the Aptos ecosystem. Liquidswap will become the dex exchange with the leading trading volume of the Aptos ecosystem is inevitable. At that time, the money will flow into Liquidswap, if there is a token of Pontem, it will definitely benefit a lot.

Liquidswap's interface is also very easy to use, currently Liquidswap is supporting 3 wallets: Pontem wallet, Petra Wallet and Martian Wallet. These 3 wallets are all part of the Aptos ecosystem, including Pontem Wallet, which is the same mother Pontem Network with Liquidswap.

The traffic and tracking of Pontem Network and two products of Pontem have achieved quite impressive numbers:

Twitter: 52.7k followers
Discord: 47k members

At the time of writing, Pontem Network has not yet announced any token launch. However, it is not excluded that the project will run the product before launching the token. Therefore, users should always keep a close eye on the project's information, besides, they should also work hard to transact on liquidswap combined with using Pontem wallet to increase the chance of receiving airdrops from the project.

Although it is a project worth looking forward to when there is an extremely powerful backer behind. Liquidswap also has a few points that I personally believe may be a defect in the project. As the first Dex exchange of Aptos, a layer 1 blockchain that is attracting the attention of the entire crypto community at the moment, perhaps users will expect a Liquidswap with more novel features and services instead. just a simple dex with only swap and provide liquidity. Of course, in the short term, this weakness will not be exposed too much when the whole Aptos ecosystem is very fomo. However, in the long run, if a new product comes out that serves the same purpose as previously available products like Uniswap, it is easy for users to leave the product and return to the familiar things.

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