Lasogette is a set of memes based on the dystopian universes of Dreamscape and The Karmic Grid. The so-called "socks" NFTs are inspired by socks with 90s art, parts of the NFT are taken from bits and pieces on the Internet and put together with the "noise" background. a culture of "non-conforming" and "weird".


So what makes Lasogette different from the rest of the NFT market?

According to the share, Lasogette besides becoming an NFT Meme, the team also wants to reach out to the community with the arts through hearing, sight and literature to bring Lasogette's culture to life.

Lasogette Art Forms


Transmitted by Radio channels and music at Lasogette Radio and Soundcloud.

Lasogette Soundcloud


After doing my research I had the experience of buying an NFT, then going to Tele and speaking Talking with the team, the admin sent some "full" and "variant" versions of the NFT I own. This is also one of the privileges of Lasogette owners (as shared by the team)

NFT Variant Version


You can read it here or the "shitposts" on Twitter and Discord of the project.

Project's Literature

In-depth analysis

Royalty Fee

Royalty fee is almost too familiar in the NFT market, this is the main source of income for the author team. But invisibly royalty fees create a big barrier to this potential market.

Read more Current Barriers Of NFTs Market

Lasogette is one of those rare collections that don't charge a royalty per transaction. Instead, users can donate to the project via the team's wallet that is public on the website. This means that if the team wants to profit from the collection, it is first and foremost to develop their product to be valuable.

This is a plus point as well as a challenge for the Lasogette team.

Lasogette On-chain Overview

Lasogette reference was minted on August 31st, there are 7,776 unique NFTs released, users can trade on OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2 and special exchanges and SudoSwap.

The floor price of the current collection is 0.025 ETH on OpenSea and 0.028 on SudoSwap with an average price of 0.0254 ETH. According to the data on the market capitalization of Lasogette is around 266,639 USD (1 ETH = 1350 USD)

Lasogette Overview

Smart Money

Over the past 24 hours, the floor price of the collection has increased slightly by 10% with increased trading volume. mutation. The reason could be because a wallet named dama_vaut bought at around 39 NFT.

dama_vaut order

Besides, about 3 days ago, a Smart NFT wallet "Sweep The Floor" ran out of about 11 NFT at 0.02 ETH, bringing the total amount in the wallet to 186 NFT.

Smart Money Sweep The Floor At 0.02ETH

Checking more about the balance in the wallets of the Owners, I found that some wallets hold a large amount of NFTs of this collection. The common point of these wallets all have the tags Bluechip NFT Holder, Smart NFT Holder, Legendary NFT Colletor, Smart NFT Sweeper,...

Holders Top Balance

Smart NFT wallets are still holding hard hands since the collection was deployed until now, Only Smart NFT Minter wallets have taken profits on their NFT portion.

The above moves show that this price zone of Lasogette can be bought and the value can be expected to move higher in the future.


A Meme Whitepaper


According to my subjective opinion, a good NFT suite when it has aspects that meet factors such as:

  • Unique compared to other projects
  • Has usefulness
  • High liquidity
  • Creates a culture for the community
  • The team that is serious about the project and community development

Lasogette meets 4/5 of the above factors with clearly solved problems

  • Very unique and funny art
  • High liquidity when it is possible on SudoSwap
  • Translating Internet culture Meme with visual and auditory art
  • The team is serious about royalty free and focused on building culture and interacting with the user community
  • Smart Money wallets owned and held

The above is the information I have researched for the purpose of sharing, not financial advice. You need to learn about NFT well before deciding to purchase.

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