Kana x Fewcha Wallets - "Swap to Airdrop" In The Aptos Ecosystem

Kana x Fewcha Wallets - "Swap to Airdrop" In The Aptos Ecosystem

In order to celebrate Fewcha Wallet and Aptos ecosystem mainnet, an event has been launched to giveaway newly minted KANA tokens in Q1,2023.

The Information of Project

This contest is a great opportunity where users can gain a first-hand experience of our web app platform and our Aptos aggregation engine without worrying about funds as this contest runs on test-net. As a reward for this contest, Kana Labs will be airdropping newly minted KANA tokens to the winners.

Fewcha Wallet

Contributing to the growth of Aptos — the safest and most scalable Layer 1 blockchain — Apps Cyclone team has taken significant steps towards launching one of the first wallets for the Aptos blockchain.

Fewcha Wallet is a non-custodial Web3.0 wallet for the Aptos blockchain. Fewcha aims to enable Web 3.0, allowing users to freely transfer crypto assets between their wallet and the Aptos DApps.

Guide To Join The Airdrop

The rules for the contest are simple. All that the user have to do are:

Step 1: Follow Kana Labs and Fewcha Wallet’s Twitter

Step 2: Retweet the announcement and tag 5 friends

The tweet of Kana Labs

Step 3: Swap at least one transaction per day in Kana Labs in the test-net by using Fewcha Wallet (Download Fewcha Wallet)

The main page of Kana Labs and connect Fewcha Wallet

Step 4: Post the screenshot of the transaction in the #proof section in Discord server of both Kana Labs and Fewcha Wallet

Attention: The user needs to swap at least one transaction daily from 10 am (GMT+7) on October 24 to 10 am (GMT+7) on November 7. KANA tokens will be airdropped to wallets when the token generation event (TGE).


To sum up, this is an excellent opportunity for the user to receive another airdrop from the Aptos ecosystem. By using Fewcha wallet and swap token in Kana Labs, the user will have a chance to receive a KANA token. Significantly, the user just needs to swap tokens in the test-net, which will not cost anything.

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