Infrastructure Aptos - Potential Infrastructure Projects On Aptos

Infrastructure Aptos - Potential Infrastructure Projects On Aptos

In any ecosystem, infrastructure is an indispensable factor to contribute to a complete ecosystem. Today, let's learn about potential Infrastructure projects in the Aptos ecosystem with Holdstation. The name is being looked forward to by the entire crypto community for the day that the mainnet project is official.

Aptos Name Service and APT ID

If you pay attention, over the past time you can see the hotness of domain name projects like Ethereum Name Service or SpaceID. The trend of buying a domain name for your wallet address has become a trend like playing a beautiful number sim or a beautiful number plate in Vietnam. Special domain names such as: icon, 3 characters, famous brand or kols name often have an unbelievably high price. The Ethereum Name Service domain name 555.eth, for example, was trading for 55.5 ETH or about $160,000 at the time.

Aptos Name Service with the domain name format Domain.aptos is currently receiving support from Topaz (NFT marketplace is in the Aptos ecosystem), domain names that have been minted by users will be allowed to be listed for sale on Topaz Currently, Aptos Name Service has recorded more than 42 thousand domain names have been minted on the devnet.

Working together on the domain name array for wallets on the Aptos ecosystem with the domain name format of Domain.APT, APT ID supported by Aptos Labs and SpaceID. APT ID is a big competitor to Aptos Name Service when it is supported by Aptos Labs and SpaceID (these two giants received huge backing from Binance when Aptos Labs recently received an increase in strategic investment, SpaceID has its own exclusive domain name Domain.BNB which is supported by Binance too).

Aptos with the mainnet plan in Q3 this year, plus the Aptos ecosystem is receiving the support of big players like Binance labs, Multicoin, Coinbase Venture, FTX Venture, etc. With an impressive team of partners like this, counting Aptos' domain application will certainly be very high. Or looking at it from a simpler perspective, the potential of the domain name movement is still there. So Aptos Name Service or APT ID are two projects that are worthy of attention by investors.


Dialect is the first protocol to support smart message messaging and wallet-to-wallet messaging. Dialect currently supports notifications of more than 15 dating apps and wallets on Solana.

Currently, Dialect has some features available such as Dapp notification (for example: liquidated position notification, ...), wallet messaging wallet, etc. Dialect has also cooperated with solanamobile to develop SMS feature

Currently, the project's twitter has more than 11k followers. Notifications about cooperation with different partners are also continuously updated by the project. From the perspective of the individual writing the article, the chat array via the web3 wallet identifier is a very potential segment. We can see that currently in web2 we still use the platform of intermediaries who are still required to provide personal information such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., but the security problem of these platforms has already been compromised. proven through many Facebook, insta nick hacks, revealing the content of messages posted countless times. However, when using the wallet identifier, users can be completely confident about the security of personal information. Users when using the wallet will not have to provide any of their personal information. Web 3 anonymity applied to private messaging chats writing reviews has potential in the future. Besides, Dialect is the first project to take the lead in web3 messaging, so Dialect deserves to be a project that investors should pay attention to.


In general, all infrastructure projects on the Aptos ecosystem are only in the testnet process, but the support from the community for the projects is great, combined with the Innovative and trendy business models and ideas. All users and investors can closely monitor and wait for the explosion of infrastructure projects in particular and all projects located on the Aptos ecosystem in general.

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