Holdstation SocialFi Wallet Update: New UI/UX

Holdstation SocialFi Wallet Update: New UI/UX

Dear Sailors!

After more than a month of releasing the first Beta Test version for users and receiving positive feedback and suggestions for improvement, Holdstation SocialFi Wallet is about to officially update a completely new UX/UI.

This upgrade is aimed at ensuring a smooth user experience along with a simple interface, an eye-catching and attractive design. From there, the transaction operations will be optimized.

Let’s take a look at these changes!

Interface improvements

Holdstation SocialFi Wallet's new interface

The platform interface is divided into three main screens and the layout is clearer with customizable information panes. Swipe left or right — all are integrated with motion effects to make the operation smooth and not boring.

  • On the left side of the main screen is the transaction history section.
  • The right page will be where you can invite more friends to experience and get bonus points together.

A small navigation bar has been added to help you locate the pages. In addition, we also refined the corner frames to create a light feeling as well as increased the size of the buttons to make manipulation easier.

Change colors according to your preferences with attractive Gradient tones

Besides being able to freely change the avatar and wallet name on the information pane, now with the new version, you are also free to change the colors according to your style.

Change your favourite colours with just one touch

With just one touch, the gradient tones will renew one after another — the blending, and linear transitions of two or more different colors provide a variety of unique color schemes. This is a modern, youthful trend that is quite popular so Holdstation wallet uses Gradient as the main color tone throughout the interface.

There is nothing better than using a platform to express your personality.

Convenient information pane

Manage multiple wallets more easily with information pane

As soon as you access the Holdstation wallet, a frame containing important information about the wallet is displayed prominently on the main screen. Through this information pane, you can quickly capture the necessary data — the wallet address in use and the corresponding balance.

Not only that, switching between wallets is also simple — useful in managing multiple wallet addresses in one platform. If you swipe to the left or right page, the information frame will be collapsed to optimize the area but still ensure the management features between wallets.

Wrapping Up

The new interface is just one of the major upgrades that will be released in the near future. We recognize contributions and continuously develop as well as optimize features towards the best investment experience for users.

Stay tuned!

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