Guide For Trooper Training Mission From Topaz - NFT Platform On Aptos

Guide For Trooper Training Mission From Topaz - NFT Platform On Aptos

Topaz is an NFT trading and exchange platform that has been around since the early days on the Aptos ecosystem. Up to now, the project has had many collaborations with other projects in the same ecosystem such as Ditto (formerly known as Zaptos), Aptos Name Service, Soulffl3... as well as supporting the release of NFT projects on Aptos like Aptoads, Bruhbear, Aptomingos,... with their launchpad.

Currently, the platform is running a Trooper Training program, with each weekly mission with the reward of NFT badges, collect enough badges to get the Topaz Trooper role in the platform's Discord. Old quests can still be completed in the following weeks. After completing the missions, Badges will be airdropped every Thursday.

It should be noted that these NFT Badges only exist on the devnet, and will not exist on the mainnet. Currently these badges only help in getting roles on discord. However, Topaz is a leading platform that is linked with other projects on the ecosystem, with a strong community behind it. Being active on the platform early as well as on social networking platforms will give the opportunity to receive retroactive or airdrop in the future.

Trooper Training Mission Instructions:

Week 1: Topaz Trainee Badge

  • Add #TopazTrooper to your Twitter profile.
  • Tweet about your favorite Topaz feature and tag @TopazMarket
  • Retweet any tweet from @TopazMarket
  • After completing the above, visit here, enter the required information including: Twitter Handle (my example is @tvh491), Discord Username (Optional, can be filled or not, but necessary because the item the main purpose is to get the role on the project's discord), the screenshot proves that the above conditions have been fulfilled, and finally your Devnet Aptos wallet address.
  • Boom! Your Topaz Trainee badge will show up in your Topaz Inbox next Thursday.

Week 2: Topaz Cadet Badge

  • Follow @TopazMarket on Twitter.
  • Tweet about your favorite NFT collection on Topaz, include a link to the collection and tag @TopazMarket
  • Invite at least 3 friends to Topaz's Discord, using your own invite link. To check the number of people you have invited by going to # 🤖 | bot-commands in the Discord channel and enter the command /invites
  • Go here, fill in the required information including, Discord account name, tweet snapshot, photo of the number of people invited in discord and wallet address.
  • Gotcha! Your Topaz Cadet badge will show up in the Topaz Inbox on Thursday.

Week 3: Topaz Sergeant Badge

  • Create one or more of the following: New Logo for Topaz, 1 new cover photo for Twitter Topaz, 1 new design for Topaz homepage.
  • Submit the png file and the original file (public Figma link, Adobe Illustrator file, etc.) in the form in the link below.
  • Tweet your designs and tag them @TopazMarket
  • Go here, fill in the required information
  • Tada! Your Topaz Sergeant badge will be airdropped into your Topaz Inbox on Thursday.

Week 4: (Updating - Will be updated when quests start)

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