Galxe Passport: A Passport For Web3 Adventures

Galxe Passport: A Passport For Web3 Adventures
Galxe Passport: Universal Identity for Web3 Adventures
Galxe Passport: Universal Identity for Web3 Adventures

One of the biggest Web3 credential data networks in the world, Galxe (previously Project Galaxy), is a pioneer in developing the architecture and technology that improves user experience and raises costs of administration in the Web3 world. Credential management assures privacy and security. Galxe ID, a Web3 identify compared to LinkedIn that revolutionizes and links Web3 to more users, was released in October 2021. A tool for representing people on numerous chains and off-chain social media networks, Galxe ID turns into a shared identity.

With a large user base, currently estimated for over nearly 5 million activated accounts. Galxe ID becomes Galxe's most important tool for tracking user activities on-chain and off-chain, helping users to record their online achievements, or their own actions in a Web3 environment.

However, this unique functionality also serves developers and other Galxe's partners besides the community. With Digital Identity or Decentralized Identity (DID), project developers can integrate Galxe ID's toolkit and grant users access to customized features or just diversificate user's profile based on their digital information. Galxe released Galxe Passport, a new feature associated with Galxe ID, on September 13.

What is Galxe Passport?

A common identity for users in the Web3 space is the Galxe Passport. The Galxe Passport ensures that both actual users and users can use Galxe Passport for a number of applications while also assisting in the secure and anonymous storage of the user's identifying information. The BAB Soulbound Token from Binance, which is used to identify users, can be compared to Galxe Passport. Users who register will receive a special Galxe Passport Soubound Token for each wallet address, which they must spend to be regarded as a verified person by Galxe Passport. This assists in preventing Sybil attacks for projects running on Galxe as well as for Galxe's partners.

"Galxe Passport is revolutionary not only for Galxe itself but for the Web3 space as a whole. This feature tests the boundaries of decentralization in this space, enabling a convenient, safe, and anonymous experience for all. We pride ourselves on being innovators at Galxe and plan to continue developing tools that ensure a secure Web3 experience. You and only you are in control of your Web3 destiny with Galxe Passport. And that’s a guarantee." - said co-founder Harry Zhang.

Galxe Passport Usecase

The main use cases and benefits of the Galxe Passport are:

  • User-friendly identity verification and passport use
  • Increase online ownership, data ownership, and user privacy
  • Use an encrypted password that can only be read by the user to save personal information securely.
  • Encrypt all user data while remaining completely anonymous
  • Eliminate bots, only real users
  • Maximize user growth for DeFi protocols
  • Increase retention rate of loyal users

Galxe Passport Integration's Partners

Galxe Passport has merged with numerous partners and initiatives as of the launch day. Particularly, a few well-known partners including Space ID, Polkastarter, Kleoverse, Bybit, NiftyConnect, Map Protocol, Shield Protocol,...

The complete list of partners who have integrated Galxe Passport is available here.

How to register Galxe Passport

In order to celebrate the launch of this brand new feature on the platform. Users will be able to mint the first 100000 Galxe Passports for free, according to a statement from Galxe. After that, users will be charged a $5 KYC fee if they later decide to mint a Galxe Passport. Following are the steps to register for a Galxe Passport.


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