Cosmos Expanding - Investment Potential

Cosmos Expanding - Investment Potential

Cosmos - a platform that allows links and interactions between blockchains has developed and continuously expanded over the past time. Let's evaluate Cosmos' development potential in the near future and notable investment opportunities with Holdstation.

What makes Cosmos special

The number of projects built on Cosmos has increased rapidly in recent years.

Most recently, we also see the expansion from Lido Finance to Cosmos or Delphi Digital choosing to develop on the Cosmos ecosystem.

Known for Interchain Security with Cosmos' own link security, built using Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC). Easy to understand Interchain Security allows the linking of chains on the Cosmos ecosystem to be more secure and secure.

Cosmos Interchain Security offers users:

  • High security
  • Link from Cosmos Hub
  • Fast transactions and cheaper gas fees
  • The project on the ecosystem is owned by the gas fee

specially for projects, regardless of launch decisions, Interchain Security will immediately align costs and incentives between projects and the Cosmos Hub community. And projects that will have access to user data on Cosmos Hub like Lido have been granted access when expanding to Cosmos.

Recently Cosmos Hub has released a road map to develop Interchain Security, the developer is still focused on security and any bugs discovered will be fixed quickly.

Investment Potential

ATOM - The leader of Cosmos

ATOM is the token, the native asset of Cosmos and used for on-chain governance. Specifically, ATOM allows payments on the blockchain, staked by zone validators to join reward hubs. It can be said that all activities on Cosmos are through ATOM.


Ticker: ATOM

Blockchain: Cosmos Hub

Token type: Utility

Circulating Supply: 286,370,297.00 ATOM

Market Cap: $4,103,026,806

24H Trading Vol: $501,715,542


Osmosis ($OSMO)

Osmosis is the DEX with the largest marketcap in Cosmos, users can use OSMO to earn rewards from providing liquidity into the Pool. The longer it takes to provide liquidity to the pool, the higher the APR and the more rewards it will get.

Juno Network

Juno network is a global, open source, permissionless network for decentralized applications. Juno stands out thanks to its direct integration with Cosmos, removal of potential legal limitations, and the world's first permissionless smart contract that bypasses Layer 1 (poor scalability, interoperability and high fees)

Earn Profit with Staking: Juno allows users to stake Juno tokens to receive rewards.


Evmos is a scalable and interoperable Ethereum blockchain, built with a Proof-of-Stake mechanism with a fast completion rate. Evmos has EVM compatibility and high throughput thanks to Tendermint Core.

Besides using $EVMOS for payments and transactions, users can use $EVMOS for staking with high APR.

Lido Finance ($LDO)

Lido, a decentralized platform known for its staking solution with the largest Ethereum staking pool, announced on Twitter the development and expansion to the Cosmos network via Neutron a smart contract platform.

Users can completely trust and use Lido to staking and get back “st-” (stETH) tokens.


The Cosmos ecosystem is constantly expanding day by day, from the famous staking platform Lido expanding to the Delphi digital that values ​​Cosmos above other platforms, it is only a matter of time to grow stronger in the future time.

Besides, tokens like ATOM, OSMO... in the Cosmos ecosystem are said to be priced lower than their actual value. As Cosmos develops these tokens will surely grow with their ecosystem.

A transparent and secure ecosystem, Cosmos is getting more and more value making the ecosystem more and more secure especially with Interchain Security.

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