Catch The Wave Of Price Drops - Prepare Money To Big Short This Gamefi Token

Catch The Wave Of Price Drops - Prepare Money To Big Short This Gamefi Token

Facing the number of players decreasing day by day, the number of tokens being put into circulation is increasing, the macro situation has not changed positively. The gamefi sector in general is facing significant challenges. So if you can't find an opportunity to make money from the growth trend of gamefi, let's try to make money from gamefi with Holdstation following the downward price trend!

Looking back at the "flagship" of the GameFi wave

Axie Infinity, the flagship for the wave of gamefi has emerged as a new monetization trend in the time of covid that is covering the whole world, with the right targeting of customers, a simple and distinctive game model. especially playing games but making money has made Axie Infinity have a period of 5 consecutive months of growth.

However, the majority of users participating in playing Axie Infinity are for the purpose of making money while the original nature of the game gives birth to the main purpose is for users to relax and entertain. With the orientation of the user file involved in the game, it deviated from the goal that the game has always aimed at. Axie Infinity was also very quick to suffer the consequences when the price of the $AXS token has continuously decreased since November 2021, and the number of players also followed the decline.

The model of Axie Infinity made the mistake of focusing too much on the finance part of the gamefi that forgot the game part is the core to maintaining the existence of this form of entertainment. It is because of the number of players participating in Axie Infinity for the purpose of making money. The game's tokens are continuously printed to reward players while the deflation mechanism for tokens is extremely limited. These factors, collectively, have turned Axie Infinity into a pay-as-you-go Ponzi scheme. At a time when the financial model of the game was no longer attractive enough to expand the user base, Axie collapsed with its already extremely weak foundation.

The number of players decreases, the circulating supply of tokens increases

Number of real-time online Axie Infinity player.

Looking at the chart showing the number of online players participating in Axie, we see that this number has decreased significantly since its peak in January 2022. The main factor retaining players in Axie is The game's financial model, however, the price of the $AXS or $SLP tokens have both split more than 10 times since the peak making the income of Axie players not enough to keep them.

Release token schedule.

In addition, on October 25, Axie Infinity has a token payment schedule for the private sale and the team. The number of tokens paid in this instalment is not small, about more than 8% of the total supply. Although the price of AXS has now split more than 10 times from the top. However, this price is still x15 times the price of the private sale round. So the very high rate is that from October 25, the price of AXS will dump strongly from 20%-30%.

Personal perspective

Traders can take the opportunity of Axie to pay this token to make a short profit from the Token dump by shorting the AXS/USDT pair. However, to ensure the safety of their assets, traders should only use 10-15% of capital and small leverage x2-x3. The token payout time is on October 25th so everyone can watch the trade from October 23-24 or maybe the price range around $13-$14 depending on the market situation. This is just an opportunity that the individual writing the article thinks can make a profit, not investment advice. Traders or investors are responsible for their own assets!

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