Bringing Major Blockchain Event To Vietnam - Devcon Detailed Instructions

Bringing Major Blockchain Event To Vietnam - Devcon Detailed Instructions

The Devcon (Developers Conference) is the largest annual global event organized by the Ethereum Foundation for researchers, developers, programmers, and the entire Ethereum community. The objective of the conference is stated right on the Homepage of Devcon:

"Our goal is to push the boundaries of possibility in our mission, bringing decentralized protocols, tools, and culture to the world. Programming isn't just about simple. It's just lines of code with complex technology, but also human depth."

With the latest conference, Devcon VI just held in Bogota, Colombia last October, Devcon has gone through 6 successful conferences in 6 countries and 3 different continents, but the same thing in common is the interest in blockchain, crypto and especially ETH. A unique voting mechanism of this event is that the next Devcon host country will always be chosen by the community - clearly demonstrating the decentralized spirit of the entire project.

This is also a good opportunity to bring Devcon back to Vietnam, when our country is also gaining attention from the international blockchain community as a friendly and progressive country, with 41% leading the way. owning cryptocurrency, ranked first in cryptocurrency adoption for 2 consecutive years according to a survey by Chainalysis, and a series of famous blockchain projects originating from Vietnam. Currently, our city of Nha Trang is also one of the strong candidates for the Devcon VII venue in 2023.

Benefits of bringing Devcon events to Vietnam

Devcon events will bring many benefits. for the blockchain community in general as well as crypto enthusiasts, the projects of the Vietnamese team in particular, specifically:

  • Bringing together many talented developers from around the world to converge in Vietnam
  • Convergence brings a lot of knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency and Attracts
  • many big investors, big venture capital funds, angel investors
  • Attends big-name speakers in the crypto market like Vitalik Buterin
  • Having the opportunity to interact with talented investors, KOLs, and project developers in the Vietnamese and international crypto community

So how to support and support that the Devcon event can be held in Viet Nam? You can follow the instructions below.

Guide To Support And Support Bringing Devcon Events To Vietnam

Step 1:

Please visit the link and you need to create an account on the Devcon forum. Here, you can quickly register with your Google account.

Step 2:

After you have created an account and logged in, you will see an entry below. You just need to drop your heart to support by clicking on the 'heart' below and clicking 'Reply' to leave a comment supporting Nha Trang as the next Devcon venue.

Click 'Reply' and leave a comment here. Please note that all comments need to be in English.

Step 3:

Next, in addition to writing the main article, you also need to like the comments of other Vietnam support comments to increase the number of likes for the main article. Click and drop as many likes as possible.

So you have completed the steps to vote in favor of the proposal that Nha Trang, Vietnam is the host place for the upcoming Devcon event. Thank you for joining Holdstation to bring the Devcon event to Vietnam.

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